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The Poor Shepherds...

     How often do we place prejudices and titles upon other people? As we go through down town, looking at the homeless, and watching them bagging for money. How often do we judge those whom are on the streets? Do we offer them a helping hand or do we blame them for becoming in the state they are in? We often walk past, or quickly glance and not give a second thought about the person begging for money. All of them have a story, like you and I. 

     Jesus our King, was born in a stable. In a cold, wet, stinky, animal infested, wood falling, stable and placed in the wooden dish that animals feed in. He became flesh in a troubled world, and was born and raised in Nazareth. Jesus, was one of the poorest people. Born into the manger as a helpless, powerless child. Jesus, the ultimate ruler, came as a child, who relies on others to take care of him. He was born and grew up like you and I. He relied on others to be fed, to drink, to live. 

     The first to be called to see the baby Jesus were the Shepherds. Through the announcement of the angel they were brought the good news, and were guided to the new born child.  The poor smelly shepherds were the first to adore this new king. What did they bring? Their hearts! That was their gift. They were poor men, looking after a group of sheep. 

     Jesus, does not require great gifts, from us, like: gold, money and richness. From us, like the shepherds, Jesus wants our hearts. He wants our hearts to be open, and faithful. He requires sincerity in everything we do. Helping the poor on the street, serving at mass, offering a gift, or helping someone in another way. It MUST be SINCERE! It must not be focused on selfish needs, but rather you do it because you have the calling to.

     On this Christmas day, may we be open to receiving the Lord into the manger of our heart. It is their that he is truly born into this day. May we bring to the Lord the gift of a sincere heart. When we bring forth, a faithful, compassionate, sincere heart, we can begin to live Christ-like and help the poor.



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