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Money Doesn't Mean Your Rich...

       We live in a world that revolves around money. Everyday we are surrounded by ads telling us to buy this and buy that, and to get the better deal here rather than their. We all have bills to pay, and things to buy, and this can cause us to make money the center goal. However, no matter what others say, money should be the least of our struggles....

     We place to much importance on money in our lives. Governments, international companies and franchising business are all greedy. Everything is for money. It's all filled with greed and selfishness-you can smell it anywhere. the world is acknoledging money has it's new 'god' but everyone forgets, " Money doesn't buy Happiness."

You could be the richest person in the world and still be poorest person.

     You would be poor at heart. Money would be a wall the is up between you and life. It is the divider dividing us from being happy, and from being rich...-rich in Gifts that is.

     The spiritual gifts that are essential for any life. Like water and bread is essential, so it our spiritual virtues and gifts that we have been given. It's the virtues of politeness,kindness, empathy, compassion, Christ like, faithful, listening-with our hearts, hope, patience, Love ... All of these help us become closer to God. They prepare the way for the Lord

    Without these virtues and gifts, and pure kindness, we are making crocked the way for the Lord. We are dividing our selves farther and father from God. But when we have each of these we are preparing our hearts and our selves for the advent of the Lord into our hearts.

     It is our advent journey and calling to work to become rich in heaven and not on earth. Money is needed to survive, yes, but it should not be something we place great importance on.  Money will distract us from preparing our selves for the Advent of Christ.

    Money doesn't define how rich we are, it is our spiritual gifts. Our kindness, Love, and discipleship to others that makes us heavenly rich. May we all work harder to share true kindness, Love, Hope, Compassion, Empathy and work less on Greed and selfishness-this world is promised to become a better place.

 Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

Matthew 19:21


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