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Exercise Your Faith


 They have turned, in the past year, a small portion of our cafeteria, at school, into a workout room. It's filled with treadmills, rowers, bench press, Bicep/tricep curls, and much more. It isn't to big, nor is it to small, just enough for about 28  people (give or take a few) It is used for a morning fitness class, gym classes, and after school (sometimes) when people wish to go their.

     It has been scientifically proven that a way to improve your mood is to go and exercise. Either for a daily run, bike ride, and/or  going to a gym. It gets your blood pumping and released chemicals (in your brain) that helps improve your mood.

     In a similar way we must also exercises our Faith. We must  have our daily 'run' of Faith. Our daily Prayer with God, Our weekly ( or daily) communion with God, and adoration for God. We must run that heavenly race. We must exercise our Faith in our actions and go to Mass and receive the Sacraments to be re-nourished- like a runner relies on water during a marathon.

     During these weeks of Advent let us exercise our Faith. Help one another, be kind, offer help to those whom need it, and be open to help and listen to any one needs it. For it is the Advent of the Lord in which we should truly prepare. The biggest way to prepare is to exercise our Faith-putting Faith into action.



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