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Do Not Be Afraid and Have Faith!

     Noah, Abraham, Moses, and the other fathers, are a great example of true Faith. Their loyalty, and commitment to God speaks loudly to people throughout history and still speaks loudly to us today. Looking back at them, especially Abraham and Noah, having Faith in this voice speaking to them. God was calling them to become something greater than they were, and they had no clue what they were getting themselves in. But they remained Faithful all along.

     St Joseph, from Today's Gospel is a great example of staying faithful even though things aren't going our way. Joseph was done making plans to dismiss Mary as his wife, but right then God intervened. God stopped him from acting out of anger, and emotion, and to follow Gods Plan... not his own. He then took on the role God assigned him-even though he didn't know what it meant to be the earthly father of God. What Great Faith!

     Todays Second reading, is the opening of Romans. We have Paul introducing himself, explaining about himself, and how he comes in the name of Christ Jesus. Majority of the whole reading can be summed up into the second line: " (C)alled to be an Apostle."  Everything is else is explaining  his call to be an apostle. (besides the end where he states a greeting to those in Rome)  Paul is introducing himself to those in Rome and has the birth of Christ in 3 days away, we have a lot to learn from Paul.

     Like St. Paul we are called to an Apostle of Christ. As Joseph was called to be the earthly Father of Jesus Christ, we are called to be an apostle. We are to proclaim the Good news to everyone- and to greet everyone also! It is through Christ Jesus that we have been called. Through his advent, and through his love we have been called.  "...(B)efore you were born I set you apart to serve me" [ Jeremiah 1:5] We have been set apart, called to serve him-Christ Jesus.

     Like any calling, this takes Faith. A sincere loyal Faith. Faith that is not easily bent- but is strong even against the toughest test. Our Faith must be the Faith of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses,  Noah, and So Many Others. It must be strong and guided by Christ. "But seek first... God... and then he will give you all these other things you need."  Our Faith must be Christ-Centered. If it is centered on anything else, it is not a true, strong faith.

     Joseph was comforted with the words of the Angel, and so we to should be! "Do Not Be Afraid!"  Our Faith journey will not be a simple one, and we don't know where we will go, but what we do know is that we are an Apostle of Christ. When our Faith is Centered on Christ, we have nothing to be afraid of. He will guide us on every step of the way. For he is Emmanuel. (God With Us) and he will always be)

     May it be in these last few days of Advent, that we listen earnestly to Gods call. May we listen in Prayer for the mission that God is calling us to do. May it be through our calling as an Apostle that Christ becomes the Center of our life.  May we, on our journey of apostleship place God in the Center! May be be comforted by the Angels voice- Not to be Afraid! For With God, we are strength, we are Faithful... Just like Noah, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, , and Moses.


  1. Mike, thanks for write this. This message came to me just in time. I am anxious and worried the last days. But through your blog, I suddenly realize that I'm focused wrong. Let us place Imanuel in the centre of our life. Thanks you so much.

    A Dutch mom.

    1. It is a joy for me to read comments like this! It is easy in our lives to become distracted on many things- as they are always busy. But God is always calling for us, and it is our duty to find him in all the business!

      Thank you for commenting!



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