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Work for Your Food

In the second reading of this past weekends Second Reading , Paul simply tells us to work for our food. To work daily then we shall receive our daily food. St Paul, leading by example tells them to work for it even if you will get it for free. Always pay and work for your reward.

      This can easily be compared to the Eucharist. We receive the Eucharist  to sustain us, to refresh us, to be equipped. For what? For the works that are planned for us by the Lord Jesus. We can go and receive it every weekend, however, it is their to refresh and equip us, so it then becomes pointless if we do not put it into action.

 We must work to become better people, we must care for others as Christ cared. We must Love like Christ loved. We must share and be honest. We must help when help is needed.  We need to proclaim the Good News. WE must work-through and in our action, we must imitate Christ.

We must work for our food. We must work to be sustained, refreshed and equipped.

We must work for the Body and blood.

It is in our daily actions that we are called to promote Christ. To start off the week, we go and receive the Eucharist. And it is truly in the Eucharist, In Christ that we are equipped, refreshed, and sustained. For God Alone Suffices.

We must work for our Food.

We Must Work For Christ.


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