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The Essential and Fundamental Choice: Do I choose God?

     I am in an ongoing process of which courses to take. Which ones will help me more than others, and seeing what has more benefits than others. It a struggle, because if I don't take things this year, it limits to what I can take next year, and I want to leave doors open for the next while. I'm afraid, however, not taking the right things, and missing out on something that could potentially be helpful to me. Soon enough, I will have made my choice and stick with it.

     We are always surrounded by choices in life. What do I want to do in life? Where should I go today? Should I watch t.v even though I have work to do? Should I go shopping? And the list could continue. When we are surrounded by so many options and choices, we begin to separate between what I NEED and What I WANT.

     Really, there is one  essential choice we must make Do I believe in God? Do I choose God? Everything other choice is optional and a want. We must profess our Faith in Christ Jesus, and everything else will revolve around this. For in Christ we are given life.

"It is my choice to die at the hands of men
with the hope God gives of being raised up by him;
but for you, there will be no resurrection to life."

     God created us to be alive, and to have our being. He sent us to give us choices, choices of life. And most certainly he gave us free will. Imagine if all your life, you were forced to ride a bike everywhere whereas you wanted to drive a car. But you are forced to ride a bike-no options. God isn't that kind of God. He is the God to give us life, to give us options. And so God sent us to test our faith in him, how loyal are we. And if we, his children, prove worth then we shall live with him forever.

     This weekends Gospel  includes a woman who married a man with six other brothers. The Sadducees, whom have no perception on the recent idea of Resurrection , try to trick Jesus. But rather, they really just insult them selves, because Sadducees have a lot of money and a high rank. They prove that they A) have a lack in knowledge and B) Know nothing of God. We are just in saying this because of Jesus response. He first, to sum up, tells them that after death we no longer have the need for marriage because we are all realted-we are all Gods children in his home.

      The Sadducees, do not follow oral traditions but rather they prefer written preserved tradition. They also, do not believe in the existence of Angels, and the have no concept of resurrection because there is no say of either in the Torah. They had believed that, when a person dies, thats it, nothing more happens.  But Jesus responds to them the words of the written Torah to prove them wrong. He shares with them that God is the God of the Living and not of the dead. That to God everyone is alive.

      As Catholics, Christians, and people of earth, we are given one essential and fundamental choice to have Faith in God. God has granted us the freedom of choosing, to test us. And if we pass this test we will be given great heavenly rewards: Life! Ask your self today, Do I truly believe in God? Do I choose God as the center of my life? Do I make choices that show my Faith in God?


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