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Sunday Gospel

     As a child, about the third grade or so, I was always frightened of the word, "satan" When ever I had to say, or sing, it I would either say it really quietly or not say it at all. I had this fear and disgust for his name and refused to say it. It was a horrifying image that I had some how painted and was scared.  However as time moved on, I got okay with saying it-but still, I only say it when it's needed the most.

     Jesus paints us a terrifying image of the world today. He shares that wars, plaques and destruction to the temple will come. The world will face all sorts of harmful happenings but yet these will not be the end of the world. But before any of this happen the disciples them selves will be persecuted, and be faced with many hardships and trials.

    Why does Jesus mention this? Lukes' Gospel  was written around 80 AD, and one of the biggest events that took place during this time was the destruction of the temple. Jesus had lived, died and ascended, wars have happened and Christians have been persecuted. This is a way Luke augmented Jesus reputation among the people. He simply enhanced it, but keeping true to what Jesus would have said. How? It showed that Jesus knew the future, and that he knows the Will of God.

     We Don't Know When the end will be. We know, however, that no matter what catastrophe and destruction-it is not the end. It will not end immediately. It could end, but not immediately. We do not know, Jesus tells us, and we should not know. By knowing when, however, we would plan and
change our ways. People would change from who they truly are , to make a favorable final end to themselves. This was obvious in the year 999 AD when people did just that. (website) Jesus then, wants us to prepare the way we are, we know there is an end, so it is in our daily lives we should be preparing and prepared to see God.

     And for those who live and believe in God, the first reading tells us, " (T)he sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in it's wings." We shall be resurrected into new life. We shall be welcomed into the heavenly kingdom which is like the sun rising.  And we experience this salvation, this warm rising sun in Jesus Christ. We gain life and refreshment in Christ Jesus.We are and will continue to be under the wings of healing of Christ. We will be protected from all enemies.

     If we believe in Christ Jesus, we will be protected from all that is to happen. It is in Christ Jesus that we know hold eternal life. We do not know, for we would worry and be anxious and not be our selves. God however, wants us to live our days to the fullest, and to be who we are-for that is whom he will judge us upon.


  1. Nice post Mike. It is true, if we live the life Christ wants us to live, then we should not worry about death or the end. In fact, IF we live according to God's law, we should look forward to it!

    However, since we are all sinners, it sure is hard to ever feel completely "ready" for that, and I think that is why we worry so much as Christians.

    God Bless you.


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