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Do you take time to Stop and Find God?

     Yesterday and today, the Gospel readings have been recent ones that were proclaimed on the weekends. As Ordinary time comes to a closer, we begin to rehear some of these stories again and again. For instance today's Gospel is the story of the ten lepers.

     This reading is a perfect example of how good things can happen to us at any time. Yes, the beggars did ask, from a distance, for Jesus help, but did they really know they would become healed. Did they truly believe? Only one of the ten believed, because he went rejoicing, praising, and thanking the Lord for the healing. 

     How often do you, in your daily life, see the Good the lord has done? Are your eyes open;clean, to see that they come from the Lord? or do you expect these things to happen to you? Throughout our day Jesus is continually making good things happen. However, especially in the tough days, it becomes very difficult to see the things the Lord is doing. 

     We are surrounded by busy world. We are receiving daily  messages from left to right about different things from media, work, and other sources. Then it becomes difficult to find the messages God has sent to you.

     At the end of the day, it is a good  idea to reflect on how God was with you. If he healed you, saved you, protected you, delivered you, heard you, ect... God does wonderful things in our lives, yet we are to busy to find him, or hear him..

     When you see God in your day, will you Thank him, Praise him, and be rejoicing like the one that came back? Or will hide all the things God has done? 

    God can work in the wildest of days...

Do you take time to stop and find him?

Do you take time to stop and hear him?

Do you take time to stop and pray to him?

Do you take time to stop and thank him?


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