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Whats Holding You Together?

 This past summer I was a leader for the bible camp at my church. I also had taken photos during some of the other stations. One station, was the Snack Station that I went and took photos, debatably it was the messiest day in that station. They were creating little chapels out of graham crackers and Marshmallow fluff acting as the adhesive for holding it together. Sadly, some kids broke their crackers, and others ate theirs before they were finished.

      He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Colossians 1:17

      In our precious and delicate lives Jesus is the Marshmallow fluff that holds us together. He is the unity of all Christians and Catholics- The person we turn to for strength, help, and support. We count, that with our delicate lives, that Jesus will hold us up to be the chapel that stands firmly on the rock of Faith. 

     We are the church. It is the times when we feel extra-delicate, and we are rushed that we rely on Jesus more. We rely on strength, guidance, support, and we trust that we will not fall. Unlike the messy Marshmallow Fluff, Jesus will not let us fall! He will always help us- even when we think he's not.

     Everyday and every moment of life we have the adhesive that holds us together. As a family, friends, and a community. We have the Lord Jesus. The ultimate and great king, savior that we all have in common. We are the church! We live and move, and in everything we do, we are suppose to do for the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31) God is the ultimate and wonderful creator, who will bring us back together when we have crumbled like a cookie.

     If we look literally, Laminin literally holds everything together in us. It is what holds our skin together. I won't ruin the surprise. But I want you to search the images of Laminin and see what actually is holding us together. Search it now, then continue reading this post.


     It is the cross of Jesus. Simply amazing,  God holds us together and keeps us on track. IT is through the death of Christ that we are held together as a person, and in spirituality.  God loves us and holds everything together, even when we think it's falling apart.  So let us realize that the billions of cells in our body, are being hold together by a cross.

Do You rely on Jesus?

Does Jesus Hold You Up?


  1. Hi Mike! I can totally see those cracker and fluff chapels. What a great idea! And how wonderful that you could reflect on that simple craft, and see how God works in our lives. He is the glue that holds me together, no question.

    Great insight today :)


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