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Thanks Giving!

Today, all Canadians celebrate the wonderful day of Thanksgiving. God gives us so much in our daily lives, so it is only just that we stop for a day to say Thank You. As we gather every Sunday for Eucharist we joyfully say thank you! Thanking God for the sacrifice on the cross. For Eucharist-translated from Greek- simply means Thank You.

Especially since my One Word for 2013 is Faith, and since it means a lot to me.
 This year I am thankful for My Faith. 

A lot has happened to me because of My Faith. I have been able to grow as a person, and as a family member of Gods Family and my own family. Through my Faith, I have been able to do new things in the Community, write this blog, and come to realize how awesome God is. 

To pray, our faith must be strong. Prayer is the direct connection between Person and God. When we pray we open ourselves to God, and allow God to work through us. We open the door of our heart, mind, and soul. Thus having more to be  thankful for. 
Prayer is unique, and individualized. It has a different effect on us all, but what connects us is our Faith. I always say, there is no wrong was to pray: if it comes from the heart, it's right! It will always be right because you are opening yourself to God- and thats what matters.

Luckily enough, this weekends readings, had a direct effect on us Canadians- It was all about Thanksgiving. Only one of the ten came back, after realizing what had happened. He was the one that knew that God had worked through him- and he was eternally thankful. 

So on this Thanksgiving Day, Pray To God thanking him for everything he has done in your life, family, and community. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and always increase your Faith.

Things I am Thankful For:
  • Faith
  • Family
  • My Parish Priest
  • Every Priest and Bishop I have met. 
  • School
  • Friends I have met
  • Blogging
  • A Home


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