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Persistent Prayer

     It's always funny, to see the persistence of a little kid trying to get a brightly colored toy, that looks amusing to him or her. Walking through stores, passing by the toy section, it is not a rare occasion seeing a kid ask their parents for a toy over and over again- or they end up just tossing it in the cart. The child will not let that toy go-they want it, and they are gonna get it.

     Many interpretations for this weekends first reading is that Moses, on the hill, was praying the prayer of intention. He was asking God for the victory of Joshua and the army he had. But often, throughout this long battle, Moses' arms begin to feel heavy and he began to feel the fatigue of holding his hands up. Whenever he did let his arms down, we are told, the Amalek would have the upper hand. (Pun not intended)

     Place yourself now, in the spot of Moses. Think that you are Moses and you come in prayer before God. The Battle that unfolds is the battle between your Faith and temptations of all kinds. When we pray, our faith becomes stronger like a rock over time. Prayer is the key, to open the treasure- the treasure of our heart. At times the we can become weak and feel the fatigue, temptations begins to increase. The temptations grows as our faith weakens. Let prayer be persistent, like Moses which leads Joshua to victory.

     In todays Gospel, Jesus Our Lord, tells us the importance to pray- and to pray persistently and earnestly. He shares with us the parable of a widow who begs a judge everyday for a just result. And the Judge after long time, gives the widow what she wants.

     Now lets look at it in a meaningful way. "Widow," in Hebrew, means "silent one" or "One unable to speak" In Jesus Mediterranean world, the idea was to put shame upon another to make yourself look better. This women has lost her husband and any other male family member able to speak for her. Usually then, she would have to remain silent because she would have no status. But Jesus takes the poor widow, and tells us that she makes a shameless judge shameful. The one whom has no voice, no status, makes the most shameless person, the most shameful.

     But how? Through persistent intention. Jesus shares that, if a widow-the silent- make the highest person shameful, then how much more will God listen to us? A lot! Jesus tells us that Our heavenly Father will listen to us and answer our intentions. But we must be persistent and do our part. If we ask and have no action to make it work-it will not happen. We also, however, must be persistent and keeping our Faith winning, so that we can ignore and triumph our temptations.

     Moses prays persistently and attentively. Let us imitate Moses and a child-being persistent! Let us ask God, for what we need in our lives! Prayer is needed to keep the Faith higher than any temptation. But let us not grow weary while we pray, for the less we pray, the weaker we become, temptations begin to grow and grow. And the only way to decline the size of temptation is to pray.

Will you pray persistently to God, like a child asks a parent?


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