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How Much is A Little?

     When ever my family and I go to bulk barn, regardless if we go there in mind of one or two things. By the time we are done shopping there, we end up with 6, 7 or more different bags of spices, candy and/or nuts ect... So whenever I go for my favorite, sour gummy bears, MNM, or Gummy worms, I am told, "just a little bit" my first question back is, "How much, is a little?"

     I usually end up leaving there having put two big scoops, and end up costing the most. But I can never have to little- or else there is no point in buying it. But to much makes me sick. So how much is enough? How much is a little? 

     In today's second reading Saint Paul writes to timothy telling him, " Do not be ashamed of your witness to our Lord,"  Do not be afraid of your Faith in the Lord.  Saint Paul encourages Timothy, to not shy away from the Lord. Even though their will be times that you get persecuted, stay strong and do not lower your faith- even though the people around you have a little-to-no faith in them. 

     You hear Saint Paul giving a slight 'echo' of the Gospel and First Reading. He tells Timothy that we have not been given the spirit of cowardice, but the spirit of power, love and self control. "How Long Lord.... How Long?"  The Lord replies, "it will surely come, it will not be late."  The Faith of those around will not be late. We must wait and now coward.

    Even if our faith is as small as a mustard seed- it will grow. Though small at first, It will bloom into the biggest tree. But thats only if it is taken care of. The writer of the hebrews helps us understand the definition of Faith, "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."  We do not see that mustard seed-due to it's size- but we do know that it will become the greatest tree. To take care of it, we must have three things: Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Adherence. All three are reflected in the readings this weekend.  Working on building up each of these three- becoming more thankful, forgiving and loyal- then the seed will become bigger than anything!

    There is nothing such thing as to little faith, ANY FAITH CAN GROW! If we even have smaller than a small mustard seed, FAITH CAN GROW. We have to be willing, to work and live this Faith and definitely not be ashamed. Though, we may have a tree growing, the others will come- don't let them cut it down. They will come on time-never late.  The seed of Faith, will NEVER STOP GROWING! It is a life long mission that we must all work at for it to grow.

   Like timothy and Saint Paul we must learn not to be ashamed of our Faith. That is the first step into growing the seed. Unlike, my candy bags at Bulk barn, There is never to little. May we continue to grow our tree, for there is never an end in growing our Faith.

May God Bless you this Sunday!


  1. Hi Mike! I used to go through that 'how much' thing too. But God says grow, grow, grow! Timothy had the power of the Spirit, so he should not be quiet. I liked your insight that everyone can grow. Oh yes! May we all keep growing in God!


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