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God Alone Suffices

Let nothing disturb you, Let nothing frighten you,All things are passing away:God never changes. 
Patience obtains all things. Whoever has God lacks nothing;God alone suffices.

St. Teresa of Avila

     What do we rely on to be sustained? What do we need that we absolutely need to live? In our daily lives their is more around us that keeps us living more than we think of everyday. We know the basics: Water and Food, and arguably Vegetation, the Sun and other people..But what about the atmosphere that protects us from the Sun, or Gravity that keeps us from floating or the oxygen that keeps us breathing. Also, what about earths natural processes that keep vegetation and animals living?  Everything continues to work, and do it's scientific stuff; even if we don't know about it. 

     Majority of these natural processes are hidden and the ecological development of plants are hidden within the depth of the soil-so we begin to replace what is actually sustains us. For instance, our Phones, televisions, and other less important items. We can become connected to these and rely on them because they become part of our daily routine. It's not everyday we think about the atmosphere and how its healing or how it blocks the sun, or the scientific calculation of Gravity and it's weight on our body. We use so much in our day we can become unaware of the real things that sustain everyday.

     St Teresa gives us this inspirational, delightful, and wonderful message. Whoever has God lacks nothing; GOD ALONE SUFFICES!  God alone is enough-he gives us what we need to live, to be sustained! When we open up to God, we have God, we belong to God and we will never lack anything. God is what we need to survive. Our Faith, Our Life all is sustained from the giver of life-God! 

Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.
Psalm 54:4

     What a wonderful thing we have; to be able to live in God! We are given this wonderful life in God! It is more than we ever need! God will supply us and give us everything we need; even when we clutter up our lives. Just like how we don't always think of the gravity numbers or the natural processes, we sometimes can do that do God-and only call on him when we need to ask him a favor. Even though, we are distracted, God Isn't! God continues to give us his grace and to supply us with his ultimate love. 

What is distracting you from the truth that sustains us? 

Does God Sustain You? 

Are you aware of God sustaining you? 

How is God Sustaining you?



  1. Whenever we think we don't have what we need, we need to think again. Just as God promised to meet all our needs, he does deliver, even when we don't see it. Thanks for the reminder today, Mike.


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