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Accept, Care, and Help Everyone.

     On the morning of their birthday, all a child can think of is the present that is wrapped waiting to be opened.  Before the child opens the gift and will quickly  thank the person and rip through the wrapping paper, and see whats inside. But once they open it and want to play with it, they forget who actually gave it to them. They Forgot whom it was. And when they get older, it might end up in their closet in a box, or in the basement. Will they forget to, when they open it up who gave it to them, and why? Probably.

     It would be interesting to know what happens after the nine go to the Priest. Do they return to Jesus? Do they come back? Do they continue with their lives? What happens? Would they be like a child, and forget Jesus? Or would they go back and praise him also? Did the Jews

     Looking at the Gospel, Luke writes that a Samaritan goes back. An enemy of the Jews. Out of all people a Samaritan comes and gives praise to God. After his cure, the Samaritan comes back and thanks the Lord-he knew his faith. Whereas, the other nine care about rejoining the community, and rush to the priest to be marks clean.

     This speaks to his disciples strongly, ( and to us also) that he didn't come to save the Jews- He came for everyone. He didn't pick whom he was only gonna help-he helped everyone. And the Samaritan, humbled himself and returned to him. He showed that we have to take down the boundaries that separate us from the world. Their had been his tension between the Jews, and Samaritans, because the Samaritans believe that they don't need the temple to worship God.

     Remember the line Jesus shares at the end " Go Your Faith as Made You Well"   Her faith, even though their was no temple, she still believed. It is because of her faith-her action of going back to Jesus- that had cured her. Still answering his disciples,-on his way to the Cross- , increase our Faith Jesus answers again with this- no boundaries; be open, and serve!

     Whom in our lives do we put away like the lepers? Jesus tells us that our Faith heals us. But when we separate our selves from others, we are hurting our selves-because that is not Faith. Jesus shows, that Faith is accepting everyone and helping everyone who needs it.

     Similar situation occurs in the first reading. A foreigner (Naaman) has asked to be healed of his leprosy.  Given strange instructions, to dunk himself seven times in the Jordan, he returns converted- just like the Samaritan. Both very Thankful, and both included in Gods Family.

     We are told to accept everyone and deny no one of good works. Regardless. It might not just be an individual that we border  up against, but maybe a group of people. We are asked to become accepting, open minded and be willing. The Samaritan, knew he was healed by a Jew, and still went back to thank him. He knew that he was cared for, and given the help he needed. Since he was cared for, he converted, and rejoiced.

     So, may we, be open to helping everyone! May we accept and care for one another, based on the example given. May we, not forget them, and why we helped them. May we not be like a child forgetting about the present, but realize that Jesus helps us on a daily bases and we need to thank him! Not a quick thank you, but a thank you, given at his feet.


  1. God is really a miracle man his extents in our life mean a lot for us.Thanks dear for updating some wonderful Prayer Poitns .I hope in future i'll visiting again here.


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