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Who Are You Praying For?

     Yesterday, I had run into people whom defiantly need my prayers. A stranger crossing the street with a cane moving very slowly, a man who is going through a lot with Family, and another women whom just asked for a prayer. At that instant, (besides the women whom asked me to) it clicked for me to pray for them. It was a natural response I had. But I do not get that feeling to pray when I pass by a person with an expensive car or someone whom is  walking perfectly fine in the store.  Why? because looking at how things are they look perfectly fine. 

      In the second reading of today's readings, Saint Paul tells us to send up our prayers, petitions, thanksgivings and supplications for everyone-  including kings, and all in authority. Those in a higher rank, those with a better title, or even those who's life looks fine, need our prayers the most. They are the ones who need the petitions, prayers, and supplications. They may look fine, but doesn't mean they are- we don't know their story. Saint Paul advise us to send up: petitions, thanksgiving, prayers, and supplications for those whom we think or look like don't need them.

    The first reading and the Gospel, deliver us the same scenario. They introduce us into the topic of selfishness and being to avarice. Given at every opportunity we must look to see if we are becoming more and more avarice. At the end of the Gospel, we are told, one can not serve both God and Money. Pope Francis in a recent homily said the serving money is the root of all money. That Money can lead to jealousy and conflict.( Read the homily HERE

    "Money", could also be defined as earthly materials. We can become and grow attached to so much on this earth. And it becomes easier, to get attached to these things, due to materialistic world. We can become attached to so many things: Cleaning, playing games, buying, or another distraction. But regardless what it may be, we have to clear it up, and focus on the one and true Master. God. 

What is your master, or item you are attached to? 

    It is the people whom are trapped, by the evil of importance, or the evil of serving money, that St.Paul tells us to pray for. Yes we need to pray for the women having a struggle crossing the street, and the man with family trouble, but we need to pray for those whom look fine but really aren't. It is the spiritual clothes we put on that we are able to see who needs our prayers. May we, Gods children, learn to serve him, and not anything else. 


  1. I don't know anyone that couldn't use a little prayer.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      You are totally correct! Everyone needs a prayer!

  2. I like this blog. Thanks Mike. I see silent prayer as a ministry. Even in the waiting room from the doctor we can pray for the people around us.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I hope that through what I write others may be inspired, helped, or it might make their day! :D

      Everyone needs our prayers! Especially those in a hospital!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You! I will pray for you also!

  4. Hi Mike! What a beautiful response to need, and shows how tender your heart is. I think most people would just be irritated by a slow-moving walker, but there you are praying. So inspiring.

    I liked the Scripture this week. We do need to pray for our leaders. Sometimes its easy to think that they have all the answers, but really, they are people like we are. And we need the assistance!

    Good to see you today :)


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