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Success- Do You Have It?

     This coming week  will be my first full week back at school. As I head back to school, I was to succeed. I'm not one to slack off, or miss class just cause. It is important to me that I do well, during the last couple of years I have left. Like most people, I do get nervous for tests, and praying to God that I will do well.  Obviously, I aim to succeed. I don't want to fail-which I believe is my biggest fear. As I head back to school, I prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary to help, especially when I find things difficult.

     Outside of the classroom, there isn't a mark you get if you succeed or if you fail. Sadly, however, in this egoistic world, our success has become determined by how much we obtain. Money, possessions, work, home, kids, ect.. It is determined on how well of we are, if we are rich or poor. This isn't what it's about! There is no marks, it isn't the things we have acquired or obtained it's whats with God. 

     In this weekend's Gospel, Jesus gives us these clear and indurate instructions. That we must hate our family, carry our cross, and give up all possessions, and then we can become is disciple... We must not hate our family, but rather we must not do what the world says. At the end of the Gospel of John, Jesus said to his disciples, "If you were of the world, the world would love his own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hate you." Jesus tells us to yearn for the things of heaven instead of earthly things. Look beyond the possessions of earth, and look at what really counts.

     Possessions are not even close to our true success. It is in God, what we have in God. That is our success. It is the kindness we share, the love we offer, the forgiveness we award, the hope we give, the Faith we evangelize, the commitment we keep, the gift we use, the laugh we encounter, the justices served, the actions well done, the understanding we listen, the zeal we set fire, and So much more. It is what we do with God and in God. That is our True success. A few weekends ago the Gospel said, 'Where your treasure is there your heart will be also' and this is our treasure, the works we have done. 

     A person can be poorer than poor and still be the most successful. They are the ones that have learned what it means to be successful. Not the success we have in school for the future but the success we have in God. But it isn't our success it's Gods! Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, " I am pencil in the hands of God. He does the writing. He does the thinking"  It is God that works through us. We are the pencil, the disciple. God is in charge from there. 

     Going to school, as been a great start! Still with the ambition to do well, I am forced to work harder and harder as my years left decrease. In this self-defined world, let not our possessions define how successful we are. Let it be through and in God. For we are his disciple, his pencil. He missions us to go and bring success to his name! 


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