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Novena Day 9

Opening Prayer
Mary, you are Mother of Christ, and Mother of the Church.  You aided the beginnings of the Church by your prayer. You had complete adherence to the Father’s will, to His Son’s redemptive work and to every prompting of the Holy Spirit and you are the Church’s model of faith and charity.

We beg you to implore on our behalf with God the Father, with your Son Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit to remove the threat of war by softening men’s hearts and by helping all people to live in charity and in love. Let violence be vanquished and peace prevail.

Day Nine
Today sweet Mother we ask for world unity. Please intercede with the Blessed Trinity for this intention.  May all nations cease to use force.  Let them act not from hostility but from unity. Put all enmity and strife to one side and fill the voids with God’s love. May they learn to implement a strategy of love and peace and let war be a word never mentioned or used.  May there be no more wasted lives and senseless deaths and may the love of God fill his world.

Concluding Prayer
Gentle Mother, hear our prayers and take them to our God in Heaven. May God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit be worshiped and praised.  We offer God our thanksgiving prayer of adoration and let only his will be done in us and in all His creatures.

A Prayer of thanksgiving to conclude the novena

We thank you Father, Lord of Life, we thank you Jesus our redeemer, we thank you oh most Holy Trinity.  We adore you, we love you, we thank you and we praise you. Take this prayer to the Blessed Trinity O sweet and Blessed Mother Mary and thank you for all the intercessions on our behalf these past nine days.  Amen.


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