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Living Humility

     Within the first two weeks of his outstanding papacy Pope Francis made some small but rather meaningful changes. One change he made, which was obvious the day he met with Religious Leaders for the first time was the level of his chair, and which chair. He had gotten rid of the elevated platform on which his chair was, and put his chair on the ground. Also, he got the simple white chair instead of the 'throne' he had before. All the others gather had the same simple chair.

     Whats is now at the same level? Their hearts. All connected-not one higher than the other. Showing love and putting away the differences. That is humility. Taking away all differences. Taking away your high position and showing love. You CANNOT be humble and have your heart at a higher level (literally and metaphorically)

     In this weekends first reading, we are told, "What is too sublime for you, seek not," What we find, great and wonderful we must not seek. But seek others. Seek the lower for others to be higher.  Seek the love and company of others. To many influences in the media telling us to go for the better, because what we have isn't enough. But we should reject those and seek the well-being of others.

     Carved into the base of the lifestyle during Jesus time was, I do something for you, you do something in return. And you would never do anything for someone you knew wouldn't repay you. Jesus speaks with much courage, tell the host how to be a host. Jesus told the host of the dinner, to do these things and not to expect anything back. He tells them to be humble, to have the heart at the same level with poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind. Jesus carves a new line, into the expected mentality.

     In this self centered, care about my self, age this Gospel applies very much. We should be doing this for others- not to say that we did something for someone else but to help because we want to. The same struggle applies, and the same answer is given,"What is too sublime for you, seek not," 

     We have been given a living gift- Pope Francis. Who lives this weekends Gospel. Who doesn't do what he does for the recognition, but because he has the calling to. For when our hearts are at the same level then we can be humble. Seek not what is sublime for you. But seek the ways to help others. Seek the way that others may become served. When we give we  should not expect anything back. Jesus tells us to live humbly and to care for those whom would care for us:the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind.

Have a Wonderful weekend!

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