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12 years ago today, the world was shocked by the gruesome attacks in the United States of America.  Not only changing the way things are done but changing the way others look at each other. People turning on people  and pride vs pride.


I know you are near, 
I know you can hear me,
I know you are with me, 
I know you are always protecting me, 

Today, we remember, those whom have passed, 
due to horrible attacks. 
We ask, O heavenly God, 
for your blessing upon those families, 
whom are scared with this tradigy. 

For the souls of those whom died, 
We pray that they be at peace, and be 
brought joyfully into the heavenly kingdom. 

May you send peace in this world O Father. 
May we learn to put aside our differences 
and to make peace! 




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