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Why wouldn't the Shrimp share his treasure?

He was a little Shellfish tehehehe

"For where your treasure is,
 there also will your heart be"
Luke 12: 34

My family, definitely would say that I have a great stock of different nick-nacks in my room. (Depending who you ask) But they really wouldn't be wrong. I collect so many different 'Nick-Nacks' as they call it. My room is filled with different religious stuff from Saint statues to different unique gifts I've been given. (I am not one to throw away gifts people give me... Only if it really shows age and can't be used... Other than that I keep it) I always seem to amaze the kids that I teach about how many prayer tables I have... (4 or 5) But I STRESS that we only need ONE.

You could say-if you had to- that those 'nick-nacks' are my treasure.

Jesus, in this passage is concluding his 'theme' with storing up things in heaven.For the earth is temporary, but heaven is eternal. So Jesus tells us to store up what is eternal not whats temporary. For where our treasure is our heart will be also. Our heart, the one precious place that Jesus wishes to enter, but can't if it's with this earthly treasure. 

We all have our own desired Treasure. 

Whatever they may be, we all have them .. Lets look at the pirate side of this. A pirates mission (according to tv impression) is to hunt for buried treasure. When he does eventually find the X on the Spot, he will take care of that treasure that he cares about... So we all do with our own treasure because it usually has a sentimental meaning to us.

God wants to be our Treasure!

God has this longing to be our treasure. To be the place where our heart is. He wants to be the nick-nacks, that are on every shelf in the room. He wants to be that daily reminder of Grace, Love, Hope, and forgiveness. He longs to be what we find most precious-most meaningful in our lives.

It is up to us to decide however, if we chose God as our treasure. It is up to us to decide which is more meaningful to us, the treasure of earth or the treasure of eternal life. Which ever it is, we must place our heart there. God will enter if we choose the treasure of heaven. 

Let God be the nick-nacks of your life. Let him be the treasure where our hearts will be also. For our hearts are protected and cared. When he enters, he can never leave. Christ shares with us to store up the treasures of heaven eternal, and not the treasure of earth. 

Remember, don't be to shellfish with your treasure! 



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