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The Transfiguration of Christ

     What are marvelous celebration we celebrate today! The wonderful and exciting Transfiguration of Christ! Christ shinning brighter than the sun, changed into the appearance of an angel, and started talking with the most important people of those days: Moses and Elijah.

     Bringing with him Peter, James and John, Jesus heads up the Mountain, and is transfigured into himself-his divine self. He traveled up the mountain, with the three main disciples, to show them who he really is. Up to this point everyone is still confused. And so Jesus shows himself as whom he was in Heaven-the King of Kings. Showing also, that he is the fulfillment of the Law. That he is God's Son, whom was sent to bring those whom love him home.

     Moses and Elijah, seated to his right and to his left. Both divine, with Jesus shinning brighter than day. Showing the connection, between past and present. Fulfilling what he said, That he came here to fulfill the law not abolish it.

     Showing, then that Jesus connects the past to the present day. He built a bridge, between the many confusions, and misunderstandings between the people. And so he goes into his trueness, and reveals himself as God.

So on this feast of the Transfiguration of Christ, let us also change with Christ. Let us have the appearance of our divinity- Of what we have stored up in heaven. Christ, came and revealed himself to us, but all the while we must be ready and me awake, and not sleep.

Let us go with Peter, James, and John, and watch Jesus in his true divinity

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