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Sunday Readings

     This weekend the church celebrates the 19 Sunday of Ordinary Time. We come awaiting the unknown hour, in Faith, In anticipation of the day the Master will come.

      I SUCK at timing things. I am known as a pretty good cook in my family, and the one thing, I still long to conquer is the challenge of making sure everything is done on time. I go with the ambition- and usually  end in disappointment. The roast will be done at one time, the potatoes 15 minutes later, and the vegetables- whom never want to boil on time- are done much much later.

      In today's Gospel-one of my favorites- Jesus tells us to BE READY for we DO NOT KNOW the time or place when the Son of Man will come. It is better for us in many ways not to know-but to always be alert and ready.

This leads up to the figurative speech Jesus gives:

"Who, then, is the faithful and prudent steward
 whom the master will put in charge of his servants
to distribute the food allowance at the proper time?
Blessed is that servant whom his master on arrival finds doing so.
Truly, I say to you, the master will put the servant
in charge of all his property
.  "

Luke 12: 42-44
     I found a deep connection with this part, and what follows. I read over and over to my self, trying to figure out what Jesus is saying... Then it hit me like a Wall...  Jesus is talking about his coming, and what he was just talking about...

    In the passage above, Jesus asks who is the mos faithful, wonderful, Caring, Future seeing Person who knows what needs to be done? Jesus wants to know who will be put in charge of distributing the food at proper times? Yes is is the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Priest Jobs, but know it's yours. We know what needs to be done, so let us share the Good News, in our actions, that is how Jesus will catch us when he arrives... Seeing us do Good. 

Thought a little joke would be good ^.^
    When Christ watches us do good, and sharing his word, he will give us his property. Which he has done, and will continue to. He has given us his church. His property here on earth that we are to grow and harvest; that we are to feed the ones whom do not know God.  The church is made of people. Without people we have no church. For church is a community of people that gather to praise God for whom he is.

     For we must be ready for the Lord. We know what he asks of us, so let us do it. Let us go out and preach; through words and actions. Christ gave us the EXAMPLE of how to ACT and so we must follow in his foot steps. We are the Church, without us we have no church, so let us be the prudent steward who distributes the food through the property that we have been given. 

God Bless! 


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