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Five Minute Friday- Story


     History is made up of stories, facts and fiction. Stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Filled with the intense adventure of heroic people and maybe not so heroic people making today what it is. 

     I always love hearing stories from my Grandparents about their life, and their amazing journey to Canada from Portugal. It makes our family grow in Love, and in trust. Even though my Grandpa tells the same story over and over, I listen closely, it's so interesting listening to the story over and over, and possibly change a little every time. 

Just like the bible....

    The Bible is a great big book of stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Through the years the parents tell, and the children listen, possibly changing it each time or leaving something out due to the inconstant memory. Until someone was smart enough to write it down. And after many translations (at times very bad) we have the wonderful library of the Word of God. 

Let us share the stories we have been told. May we be inspired by the word of God, to preach the stories of Jesus Christ, and all that is written in the Bible to the world. May we continue to grow in the Love of a Family, through the grace of God! 



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  1. Thanks for sharing. The Word of God is the best story we can know :).

  2. It's a wonderful blessing to sit and listen to our parents and grandparents tell stories of older days. And it's a blessing to them for us to listen with love! I am reminded of how my Granny would tell the same story over and over and every time it was different! :)

    Have enjoyed reading different perspectives on 5 Minute "Story"...everyone has a different story to tell!

    Blessings, and a weekend of joy Brian!

    1. It is very unique going around and reading what others have come up with. Seeing the different styles and getting other peoples point of view!

      Thanks for Stopping by!



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