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The Big Boss

     Today, started the seed-planting, adventure taking, time teaching week of Bible Camp. This is the second year my church has put on a bible camp for kids within the Parish. Doubled amount of kids, about 30 kids ranging in ages from 6-12. It would be at the least, an interesting group of kids.

     Take a guess at what this year theme is! Yup that's right. Prayer. Indeed, the moment I heard it was going to be about prayer, I had a hunger to do something with it. I have ended up teaching the Faith Station and Co-leadering (if that's a word) the Fun and Games Station. The kids are split into two groups: Group A ages 6-8 and Group B 9-12. There are more smaller ones that older however, creating a challenge to find that perfect balance in what to teach, and what not to teach.

     A perfect  radical theme was: What is Prayer? Great opportunity for me, to plant the seeds of prayer into the children's lives. I was teaching them about the what each letter in P.R.A.Y.! stands for. Today, of course we started off with P, and will continue with the other letters every day. Each letter will tell them how to pray, or rather, how to help them Pray. P stands for? PRAISE We must Praise God for everything he gives up, and give him his rightful glory.

     After explaining about Praising God for everything we have, I went on to saying on Praising God is loving God for WHO HE IS. ( So we should with everyone else) I continued by asking this question, " Who is God to you?"One boy said, "My Shepherd"  another child added, "My Best Friend" and my favorite answer shouted from an eager young girl: "He is My Boss"  Another boy then added, "He isn't a boss that bosses us around, he is one that loves us" If that wasn't the highlight of my day I don't know what is.

     God is indeed our loving boss. He gives us everything we need to do his job here on earth. God sustains us with the knowledge, and wisdom we need every time we pray. When we humble our selves and have that simple or complex talk with out best friend, Our shepherd. When we come to God, with and open heart, we will hear God talk to us, to respond. For Prayer is the conversation that requires courage and strength... Not to mention Faith as well.

    After, a long, tiring, confusing (to say the least) day, we must come with an open heart, mind, and courage to pray to the boss. We must receive God, with Faith. We MUST Praise God and Thank Him for all the blessings we have in our life. Our shepherd watches over us, our best friend is there for us, and most of All our boss is there to supply us.  Now we must be in the place of the children and Answer:

"Who is God To You?"

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