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Sunday Readings- Refresh Us

    This weekend the church welcomes in the sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary time. We welcome the presences of the Lord into our lives. The surprises visit, so we rush to make things ready, accessible and cleaned. We prepare the best Food, and the finest service to the the visit of the Lord.

"let me bring you a little food, that you may refresh yourselves"

Genesis 18: 5

Our Father

     I finished this week teaching the Bible camp at my Parish. It went perfect.... Well, I wish it had. It was interesting to say the least. As I mentioned in the post about the camp, I was teaching the children about the wonderful privileged we have to pray. It was harder this year than last, because I was literately  planting the seeds for the rest of their life. An important thing for me- and in the book- was teach them the meaning of The Our Father... The basic prayer-but the most powerful prayer.

    In my steps in teaching them the Our Father, it became a struggle due because most kids didn't know it...(I didn't show it, but it made me sad) It happened to be a great thing that I spent a night thinking about back up activities for things that might go wrong. I had made an Our Father Mix up. All the kids had to do is put the Our Father back in Order. Once this activity was done, a few kids were wondering what it meant when it said, "Give us this day, our daily bread" and that ignited the lesson for the rest of the class.

    In today's first reading and Gospel, we have a very basic theme: A visitor comes, and a 'party' is held. Abraham sees these three men, walking among the hot Road, and takes them in to make sure they are refreshed for the rest of their journey. Martha also, prepares a dinner/feast for Jesus, making sure that he is refresher for his journey throughout the village.

    We need to be refreshed. It is the longing, that we all have-but we hardly do. We work work work but never refresh. We just continue to work, and work, and stress. We NEED that time to refresh and start a new. 

Same as Our Souls

     Our Soul constantly needs to be refreshed. We need our Faith life to be like a car, we must go go go, but we also need times to refuel the tank. And to refuel the tank, we must come to God. The greatest way is to receive the Eucharist weekly. (or even daily) Receiving the Lord, inside us, will ignite in us the Holy Spirit. It will ignite God's almighty grace. Jesus gave us taught us to pray. He gave us words to use, to connect to God with. The strongest Prayer, that we are all called to pray. 

"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" 

    In the bible verse at the beginning of this post (from the first Reading) Abraham offers food to God, to make sure he is refreshed. It is only after being refreshed, that God says the Sarah will bare a child. It is after being  refreshed that God shares the Good news to them.  

    When ever we pray the 'Our Father' We say that line, "Give us this day our daily bread"  We pray that God will sustain us, will refresh us daily by supplying us with what we most need in our day. We ask God to give us our daily bread, and he gives us more than what we need to be refreshed. Christ gave us himself by dying on the cross. He gave us himself in the Eucharist, so that we may be refreshed, that we mat be given the strength to continue our journey on the Hot road to proclaim God's word. 

"...There is need of only one thing. Mary has chosen the better part"

     Martha must have know what women were to do when a guest came over... (in that time) and so she went and prepared a meal. Whereas Mary sat at the masters feet learning, and being refreshed. Jesus also knew how things were done, but he is there to invite everyone to the kingdom of God. He gave women and man the chance to learn, and so Mary, being the opportunist, took the opportunity and listened to the Lord to be refreshed.

     Martha stressed over making this dinner/feast, and was impatient with  Mary and wanted her to come and help her. Martha translated means Lady and so she was acting that way, whereas Mary translated means rebellion and so she has in this reading. Martha however, is stressing over this feast, but Jesus says  not to worry, and that Mary has chosen the right thing. We have to be refreshed from the Lord. Not Stressed, nothing else, he will take care of it. We must get sustained and filled from every word of God. 

     We are welcomed, to join in the feast of God. We are called to come and refresh our body's and our souls, through participating in the Eucharist, and having the connection with  God through Prayer. It is learning from the mouth of God, that we must strive for. WE shall not stress over preparing the great feast but learning God. 


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  1. Love what you said here Mike; we do need refreshment! :) The most productive thing we can do is to allow ourselves to rest and find quiet time with God throughout the day. We know that He rested upon the seventh day as a sign to us that we should take time to rest; likewise, Jesus would separate Himself from His disciples and followers in order to rest and pray. He wants to silence our thoughts so that we will take more notice of Him, and what’s going on around us and inside of us.

    Have a blessed week my friend!

    1. God, doesn't want us to get over loaded from all the work. He gave us times and places where we can go and be refreshed. We all need to be refreshed at one point or another!

      Thanks For commenting and stopping by!



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