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Sunday Readings- Jesus The Teacher

      This weekend the Gospel comes from Luke but is similar to my favorite chapter in Matthew. Chapter 5, 6 and 7 though are my favorite. The famous sermon on the mount. The church, this weekend celebrates the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. We are called to sit down and listen while we hear the Lord teach.... About prayer.

      I love how Pope Francis described that prayer takes courage.That we must negotiate with the Lord. It is a conversation to say the least where we go back and forth asking for what we want, and the Lord will only respond to what ever his is will. 

     Let us look at Abraham in todays first reading. Look at the courage he has- to almost argue with the Lord. If there is 50, 45, 20,10 people will you save the city? For the sake of 10 I will not destroy the city. Abraham knew very well what he was doing, but we also see the worry he has for those 50,45,20 and 10 good people. Why destroy the good with the bad they did nothing wrong. 

     This reminds me of when I was in elementary school. I was in a class from k-6 with these people and there would always be one that would do something the teacher doesn't like. And guess what happened? The whole class got in trouble because of that one bad child. So Abraham asks will you punish the Good people because 1 person did something bad? 

      In today's Gospel, Jesus teaches us to pray. He shows us that we must have courage, that we must have confidence in what we pray. That if we ask for something that we will receive it; if we search we will find; and if we knock that door will be opened. 

      Jesus teaches the prayer that would last for thousands of years. He teaches us how he wants us to pray. To pray for our Daily Bread- That we may have what we need for this day, That we may have help forgiving in our relationships and the protection from all evil- to have the strength to stay Faithful.  What a gift we have to say this prayer! I always end up surprising my grade twos when I tell them that the Our Father came directly from Jesus 2000 years ago. 

     This is a prayer, Jesus asks us to pray over and over. For essentially we are asking really all we need, every single day. Think know as yourself as a child, and for example you wanted a great big inflatable green bouncy ball, would you ask your parents for it just once? No. You would ask over and over until you get that great big inflatable green ball. So we must with Prayer. If we truly need something to continue in life, and it's not something out of the sky, then Jesus will hear us. But we must ask the Lord.  Like Abraham we must ask the Lord over and over with Great courage. 

     Now it becomes our responsibility, to learn from the teacher. To listen attentively, like Mary from last weeks Gospel. We are to take courage and to Ask the Lord, for his will in our life. We are to ask for what we most need, even though the Lord already knows. Let us not pray once, but may be constantly come talking to God and negotiating what would be the best for us. For the sake of Ten I will not destroy the City. 

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