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Sunday Readings- Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

     This weekend the church celebrates the Fourteenth weekend of Ordinary Time.We come celebrating in the Lord, praising his name, and thanking him for all that he has done for us in our daily life. With the work of Christ we are able to meet each other, and spread the Faith. 

"The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few"

    Growing up, I have never met another person my age (or in my class) wanting to become a priest. All of them wanting to become doctors, nurses, lawyers, or whichever path God leads them. It has become so scarce for the vocation of Priest-Hood. Some times it has been particularly up setting, not seeing someone else with the desire to become a priest. 

     Jesus shares this line with us in today's Gospel as he sends out 72 people into the 'world' to share the Gospel, and  Good News. The Harvest is abundant; the church is abundant. There are many, that are filled with people yearning to listen and learn God. Jesus tells Peter on him, the Rock he will build the church. And today we have that church yearning for the laborers, the Priests (In my Archdiocese anyways. But nevertheless a growing problem around the world)  There are many churches but few priests. 

    But Jesus continues, onto saying behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves.  It was in that time that, that once someone had left their home town, and entered into a unknown, foreign like town, they were vulnerable to attacks and death on his journey. (I.e The Good Samaritan) The traveler would then place his trust in the elder of the town, to protect him form those wanting to kill the traveler. And so Jesus said that line. For he sent them into an area, unknowing of the works or Christ. He sends them into a town that is foreign, hoping the disciples will make it a home town. 

    The seventy two which were sent out returned, rejoicing and forgetting the true means of there power. They are praising for the power which they have been given, and all the wonderful things they can do. We should not fall into the temptation of giving thanks for the things we can do but thanking God for allowing us to do these works. For without God we can do nothing. 

     Saint Paul adds onto builds on this in his letter to the Galatia. He states that we should boast in the Lord. We should boast for the things Christ has done for us. We are to boast for nothing, except for the Lord. We are to praise that we are the harvest, the we are the people of God. And those whom are the laborers are to Praise the Lord for being the ones to collect the Harvest. 

    Think of the instructions Jesus gives his disciples. Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals;and greet no one along the way. We are to give up everything for a journey into foreign land? Really? The faith, and trust the disciples must have for their rabbi. But think of this, we know that it was only the rabbi's or the higher officials that Got sandals for their feet. If you carried money, you must have been trusted and must have a higher rank. Jesus sends them into theses areas without a title. He doesn't want the people in these towns to give special honour and food for the disciples. Jesus sends them as normal travelers, for if they were higher rank, then they would be forced to favor them. But as a traveler they could make their own decision.

    And This is what Jesus wants us to do. He sends laborers into the world to reap the honest and best grown harvest. He sends the disciples, and to those whom welcome them, let the peace be upon them. But if they do not, not peace shall be with them. For the 72 are sent to harvest the people of God. 

     It is in this time of the world in which we need the call for priests. We need to ask the master of the Harvest to send out laborers into the field. Let us not rejoice in the wonderful works we are able to do, but rejoice in the Lord who gave us the ability to do these works. For without Christ we are nothing. Let us together pray for the vocation of Priests. Let us go freely into God's arms, willingly, to be part of his harvest. So let us be beautiful, and an abundant harvest.


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