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Prayer Request

     People are always in need of prayers, and prayer request. Our daily conversation with God, is essential to our Faith and the faith of others around us. Christ showed us how to pray (Matthew 6: 9-13) That is the perfect prayer which is all we ever need. Christ knows our hearts, and will hear the cry of those whom kneel down to him and pray. 

     Let us now pray for these, the intentions of readers and followers of Pray To God Today:
  • For those who have little faith
  • For people everywhere to find Christ
  • For God to enlighten his lost children
  • For Vocations to Priesthood 
  • For Priest, Bishops, Cardinals
  • For Pope Francis
  • For all people searching for God

My Loving Father, 
You know everything about us, 
long before we were born in our mothers womb,
You knew what words we would say,
things we would do, 
and how we would live our life. 
For You created us in your likeness,
to roam the earth, and to take care of it. 

Lord God, 
We cry out to thee,
That you may call all your children into 
the light of Faith. 
That those whom look for you, O God,
May find you when they seek. 

The Mighty High Priest, Lord God, 
We ask for the out pour of vocations,
through out the earth. 
That within the Diocese  of the world,
That the shortage of priests may be filled,
and that we will have enough priests, 
for as long as we live. 

We pray, or saving God, 
For all current Priests, Bishops, and Cardinals.
That you may send them the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
upon them, 
To inspire them, and to help them live the 
Holy and dedicated life they were called to live. 

In Your name O God we pray that you may hear this prayer, and answer it. Please be with all those going through tougher times. 

Through Christ our Lord, 


If you have a prayer Request, Please email me, and send me an email at, praytogodtoday at gmail dot com

God Bles! 


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