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Pope Francis

     I haven't caught up yet on reading all the speech's and homilies that Pope Francis has made this past week. I have only seen bits and parts and have only read parts as well, but from the parts that I read and heard, are very touching.

     He certainly knows how to talk to the Young and the young at heart. He shows his passion for the Lord, to everyone he meets. Pope Francis is proving his is papal ministry exactly what he preached a church of  the poor and for the poor. It touched my heart when I read an article how Francis was almost apologizing for not being on the floor with the people listening. He had said something like: I wish I could be down with you, but i do understand security reasons... Another article I happened to read was when Francis went to a poor village in Brazil, and went and prayer with a poor family, who's house was held up with a steal pole.

      This video also touched my heart. You will see why  after you watch this video

It is amazing seeing that little boy give him a big hug for so long, and seeing Pope Francis smile all the while. He wears whatever clothing Is given to him and he shows his appreciation for every gift that's given. I read another article saying how a reporter stopped counting how many baby's he kissed after 138 that was on Wednesday.

Pope Francis is a pope I certainly love, and have been and will continue to follow. He is a great inspiration to me, and will always be. The Cardinals (and the Holy Spirit) Certainly chose the best of the best. A church of the poor for the poor is what we need, and is what we have.

Saint Francis, Pray For Us


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