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Sunday Readings- Jesus The Teacher

This weekend the Gospel comes from Luke but is similar to my favorite chapter in Matthew. Chapter 5, 6 and 7 though are my favorite. The famous sermon on the mount. The church, this weekend celebrates the Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time. We are called to sit down and listen while we hear the Lord teach.... About prayer.
      I love how Pope Francis described that prayer takes courage.That we must negotiate with the Lord. It is a conversation to say the least where we go back and forth asking for what we want, and the Lord will only respond to what ever his is will. 
     Let us look at Abraham in todays first reading. Look at the courage he has- to almost argue with the Lord. If there is 50, 45, 20,10 people will you save the city? For the sake of 10 I will not destroy the city. Abraham knew very well what he was doing, but we also see the worry he has for those 50,45,20 and 10 good people. Why destroy the good with the bad they did nothing wrong. 
     This reminds me of …

Pope Francis

I haven't caught up yet on reading all the speech's and homilies that Pope Francis has made this past week. I have only seen bits and parts and have only read parts as well, but from the parts that I read and heard, are very touching.

     He certainly knows how to talk to the Young and the young at heart. He shows his passion for the Lord, to everyone he meets. Pope Francis is proving his is papal ministry exactly what he preached a church of  the poor and for the poor. It touched my heart when I read an article how Francis was almost apologizing for not being on the floor with the people listening. He had said something like: I wish I could be down with you, but i do understand security reasons... Another article I happened to read was when Francis went to a poor village in Brazil, and went and prayer with a poor family, who's house was held up with a steal pole.

      This video also touched my heart. You will see why  after you watch this video

It is amazing seein…

Thursday Think About

St.Mary Magdalene Feast Day

"Woman Why Are You Crying?"

      Mary Magdalene is certainly a true believe. Definitely not scared of the struggles that might face her because of  following Christ. She lived out her Faith. She is the one to live out the Faith. To stay strong has a rock.  She wept leaning into the tomb, seeing her Lord taken. (For all she knew stolen) Strong Faith, made her feel deep sorrow.

     After being heeled from seven demons (Which now though to be a mental illness) she followed Jesus with his disciples. She knew that only someone from God could heal her, and so her Faith helped lead her.

     Mary stayed strong and experienced the journey Jesus took to the cross and after the cross. She was left weeping at the cross and proclaimed to the disciples that Jesus was alive.

     Saint Augustine called her the, "Apostle to the Apostles"  Mary was the one that Jesus entrusted to proclaim he was alive. She was the one to share the Faith, to share the most amazing thing that has …

Sunday Readings- Refresh Us

This weekend the church welcomes in the sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary time. We welcome the presences of the Lord into our lives. The surprises visit, so we rush to make things ready, accessible and cleaned. We prepare the best Food, and the finest service to the the visit of the Lord.
"let me bring you a little food, that you may refresh yourselves"
Genesis 18: 5
Our Father
     I finished this week teaching the Bible camp at my Parish. It went perfect.... Well, I wish it had. It was interestingto say the least. As I mentioned in the post about the camp, I was teaching the children about the wonderful privileged we have to pray. It was harder this year than last, because I was literately  planting the seeds for the rest of their life. An important thing for me- and in the book- was teach them the meaning of The Our Father... The basic prayer-but the most powerful prayer.

    In my steps in teaching them the Our Father, it became a struggle due because most kids didn't kno…

Thursday Think About

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The Big Boss

Today, started the seed-planting, adventure taking, time teaching week of Bible Camp. This is the second year my church has put on a bible camp for kids within the Parish. Doubled amount of kids, about 30 kids ranging in ages from 6-12. It would be at the least, an interesting group of kids.

     Take a guess at what this year theme is! Yup that's right. Prayer. Indeed, the moment I heard it was going to be about prayer, I had a hunger to do something with it. I have ended up teaching the Faith Station and Co-leadering (if that's a word) the Fun and Games Station. The kids are split into two groups: Group A ages 6-8 and Group B 9-12. There are more smaller ones that older however, creating a challenge to find that perfect balance in what to teach, and what not to teach.

     A perfect  radical theme was: What is Prayer? Great opportunity for me, to plant the seeds of prayer into the children's lives. I was teaching them about the what each letter in P.R.A.Y.! stands f…

Sunday Readings- Who is my Neighbor?

This weekend the church celebrates the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time. This weekends Gospel is probably the worlds, best teaching story.Adopted by the media, and all sorts of things, and now getting slightly overused, and has become an attack, when others don't follow this. It is indeed, a beautiful parable, which we can learn so much from.

    We have become aware, from scripture, how much the teachers, and Pharisees want to trick Jesus into saying something against the Law. And today's reading is no exception. The Pharisees are trying their hardest to trap Jesus. They know he is song of a carpenter, they think Jesus might not know to much about the law (which they should have learned was false by now.) It is out of jealousy, people were turning from their Capital T rules, and moving to teaching Christ offered. The Pharisees are always trying to nit-pick at everything more popular than themselves, and take them down. 
    This is exactly why Jesus shares today's Parabl…

Prayer Request

People are always in need of prayers, and prayer request. Our daily conversation with God, is essential to our Faith and the faith of others around us. Christ showed us how to pray (Matthew 6: 9-13) That is the perfect prayer which is all we ever need. Christ knows our hearts, and will hear the cry of those whom kneel down to him and pray. 
     Let us now pray for these, the intentions of readers and followers of Pray To God Today: For those who have little faithFor people everywhere to find ChristFor God to enlighten his lost childrenFor Vocations to Priesthood For Priest, Bishops, CardinalsFor Pope FrancisFor all people searching for God
My Loving Father,  You know everything about us,  long before we were born in our mothers womb, You knew what words we would say, things we would do,  and how we would live our life.  For You created us in your likeness, to roam the earth, and to take care of it. 
Lord God,  We cry out to thee, That you may call all your children into  the light of Faith.  That …

Thursday Think About

Pray For Quebec

God Our heavenly and Gracious Father,
You alone are the source of healing, and  of great Love. 

Heavenly King, 
We pray for those people in Quebec. 
That your healing and comforting power may rest upon them. 
We pray that, in your Holy name, you may be with them, as they 
move forward from this happening. 

We ask that you may comfort those whom are left on earth 
to mourn. That you may bless them, and show them the happiness and joy in which you
Bring to all the earth. 

Holiness be your Father, 
We pray for the protection of people upon this earth. 
That, in your holiness, we may be protected and kept safe. 


If you didn't catch what happened in Quebec CLICK HERE to read an article about it

Sunday Readings- Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

This weekend the church celebrates the Fourteenth weekend of Ordinary Time.We come celebrating in the Lord, praising his name, and thanking him for all that he has done for us in our daily life. With the work of Christ we are able to meet each other, and spread the Faith. 
"The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few"
Growing up, I have never met another person my age (or in my class) wanting to become a priest. All of them wanting to become doctors, nurses, lawyers, or whichever path God leads them. It has become so scarce for the vocation of Priest-Hood. Some times it has been particularly up setting, not seeing someone else with the desire to become a priest. 

     Jesus shares this line with us in today's Gospel as he sends out 72 people into the 'world' to share the Gospel, and  Good News. The Harvest is abundant; the church is abundant. There are many, that are filled with people yearning to listen and learn God. Jesus tells Peter on him, the Rock …

Thursday Think About

Happy Canada Day!

God gave us this wonderful country. He filled it with all sorts of things for us to do and to enjoy. It was by his blessing that we are able to live and have a great free country. On this Canada day, let us to, remember those soldiers who have fought in the past, present, and those whom will fight to keep our country free.

    We have everything from the Slurpee Capital of the world, to the doughnut capital of the world. We have a variety of food, plants, water supplies and different people. We are a multicultural country. We have some great things, and have done great things. And not to mention, [nor brag] we are very polite to.