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Sunday Readings

     This is the Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Connection is very easily spotted-between the first reading and Gospel. It is simply Forgiveness. We all need it, and we all should give it. Even though it's the big picture of the readings, I want to look at the smaller details-the things that make up the Gospel and readings.

     Simply by the sins of the woman, she was judged by everyone gathered to enjoy the dinner- all except Jesus. I have mentioned before, but still very equivalent to this reading, Within the days of Jesus- The First century- Men sat at there own table to eat, Women and children all at another table most likely in a different room as well. So there we have the Pharisees and teachers  all sitting at the same table with Jesus. When a rabbi or Pharisee invited someone to dinner with them it means they were equal. It means they all saw each other equal. It means they have the same profession, So they saw Jesus has their own, but after this reading they lowered their respect for him

    While eating, a women runs into the room and kneels at the feet of Jesus. She starts to cry and cleans his feet with her tears then dries them with her hair. After she drys she anoints his feet with an ointment. All very basic things that the host is suppose to do to their guests. Although not stated, but made very clear by Jesus, the Host obviously didn't do that.

    Their was GREAT disgust of the people at the table towards Jesus for allowing this sinner; this woman, come and clean his feet without him stopping her.(This woman was obviously know well for her sin) They tried revoking him from allowing her to do that by saying," If this man were a prophet,he would know who and what sort of woman this is who is touching him that she is a sinner " But Jesus responds back with a small parable. Jesus looked past her sins. He looked with pity and saw that she was doing the Job of those whom failed to do so. She showed love for the Lord.

    With everything we do we must show love. We must show Faith. We must do everything in the Lord; whom we have Faith and Love in. For what good are our actions if we do not love? Love is an essential to our lives. It is essential to live the life we are called to live. Christ showed the Pharisees what it means to be a teacher; what it means to be a servant of God. To love and to Accept others regardless of sins or past actions.

    Our Faith in Christ the Lord MUST Shine through the Love that we share. Through the Love to Family, Friends, Strangers, ect. St.Paul writes to the Galatians that we must have faith in Jesus Christ. That everything we do is justified by our Faith in Jesus Christ the saving Lord. That we must give up our selves and accept the will of the Father. He tells us that the Law isn't the big deal anymore- The new big thing is Jesus Christ. And in Christ we must have Faith and Love.

Forgiveness is needed to Love; to have faith. To truly come and worship God we must have faith. We should run to Jesus-no matter what are sin is- and treat him with hospitality. When we show Jesus our Faith, Our Love, our Forgiveness he will show it 10 times more to us. Let us seek the better in people, let us not focus on the wrong, but the goodness that lies within each and everyone of us!

Have a Good Sunday!




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