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Sunday Readings- Back to Life

     This weekend the Church celebrates the Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Within the readings there is a common theme within the readings.The same process happens with the first reading and the Gospel. All connecting and foreshadowing to what will happen to Jesus and what has happened with Adam. It's a simple but yet repetitive action that happens. First the person dies, then are raised back to life, then offered to the mother (family) and finally belief.

     First they take or they see the dead. Notice that it's with a crowd of people- In the First reading Elijah visiting Zarephath of Sidon to the house of a widow and in the Gospel with a large crowd behind him and in front of him. Both to prove the power of God. Yes, both sons later died again- but they had died in at this point in their lives to prove Gods Amazing Love and power.

     We are taken into the action of being raised again. In the first reading Elijah, asks God to breathe the breath of life within the boy. Remember breath of life in Genesis? When God breathed in life into Adam. So we have it repeated here. God gave us this wonderful gift of Life-living; Breathing. It is so over looked we do not even think about it so then  we usually don't give thanks to God about it! God gave us this chance to live our lives for the Glory of his name! In today's Gospel Jesus brings back to life a man. He does this in a large crowd- at a gate. And he brings back to life this man after the weeping and presentation of the dead. Jesus shows us, that life will conquer death

Back in the day of Jesus Women had a lot of weight on their shoulders to make sure she doesn't bring shame upon her self or her family. There are two ways she could have brought shame upon her self: Getting taken advantage of if the man she married wasn't able to look after the family or support it. The other way is If she was to become divorced or widowed. She would then return to the poverty she once was.

Mother and Son always were the closes to in those age. Up until the age of puberty was when the woman looked after the boys. So she would learn to love him even more and more- to make sure they are okay and ready for adulthood.

     We are then taken to the presentation of the alive person back to the people. Elijah, hands back the boy. We have to think (from the first reading) Who suffered more the Woman or the child at death? The Woman. She had been widowed -bringing shame upon her. Then lost her SON ( strongest connection) bringing more shame upon her, so then she cries out, " Why have you done this to me, O man of God?Have you come to me to call attention to my guilt and to kill my son?" She had lost everything she had  and her guilt was built up more.

    The people the believe. The Mother shouts when she sees her child alive, " You are a Man Of God!" and people around Jesus spread rumors saying, "A great prophet has arisen in our midst" All showing there belief and trust in God.God made this possible.It was through the work of God that they were able to bring them back to life for everyone around. I mean, why would God want a whole bunch of followers forced to follow him? God gave us free will and he wants us to use the free will to truly see if we will follow him

     Now think of theses steps like Jesus life. The portrayed how he will suffer and rise. Jesus was first brought in front of everyone, and was killed. He was presented to those around him and laid in a tomb. Jesus then raised to life by the Power of God went and showed the world his wondrous deeds. He made them believe (The doubters) He showed that God's love-Gods Power- rules over death.

     The Lord is Powerful and trust worthy. He has a plan for us before we are formed in our mothers womb. Jesus chose us apart- all People of  God. He showed us the way, the Truth to life, and to show Gods Mercy. Jesus raises us all up from when we 'die' in our days. And he shows his majestic powers but we have to look for them. This weekend may be be raised to life-raised from the evilness of our sin to the wonderfulness of Life. After all, Jesus proved that he can conquer death on more than one occasion.




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