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Prayer Request

There asn't been to many this past few weeks, but nevertheless they are all important and need our intentions and our  prayers to make things better. It has been a while since I have done this post, but all these still need our prayers and thoughts.

These past few week intentions are:

  • For Those preparing to write Exams
  • For All Bloggers
  • For the Families in Boston and China
  • For all the poor people in the world
  •  For those who are Sick and Dying
  • For those whom are denied Human Rights
  • For World Peace
  • For Those whom are surrounded by evil in their lives

Let us Pray:

Father of Heaven and Earth,
How Great you are!
You have blessed us with so many things in life, 
so that we may have life. 

My God, 
I Pray for the world.
That you may send your spirit of:
 comfort and hope,
healing and sharing,
happiness and non-violence.

I pray, in your name, O God,
That you may send Saint Michael the Archangel, 
upon each of us, to defend us and protect us from all evil.
I also pray for all those still suffering from a loss of a family member
from natural disasters and attacks. I ask that they may be given comfort and healing


Please Pray for these-this weeks intentions and everyone's intentiosn that God may hear the cry of his children!


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