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All Who do Good

     Don't you get such a great feeling once you do something good? Their can never be any good feeling in doing something wrong or evil. It always feels good to do something good for one another. Living out or mission on earth-being kind to as many people as possible- is what we need more and more of in this world today. 

    Do you know what this world needs more of? Peace, sharing, and kindness. Yes, it may be a 'fairy tale' dream -sadly- but it's something if we all try and pray we can make a difference. There is so much things we can be doing better in this world. But yet we quickly chose to go an not make peace, think of our selves instead of focusing on others. 

    By being good people and how we live our life if what grants us into Gods kingdom. We are ALL Gods people. Everyone. But just like the pope said, it's the Blood of Christ that we share that makes us 'first class' We who share in the Blood of Christ- In which we are stained by- is what connects us more with God. 

    The call to do good is what we are to do. We are meant to be good-regardless of religion or faith. Why do evil over good? The good has more benefits for us. Sadly, however, you become a 'hero' in Society when you do something good. Isn't that depressing? Where doing something good has drifted away from the norm? But on one level it is still the norm. It really depends where and who you are. 

    It's our Faith tells us to do good. So does common sense on one level-for majority of people. Everyone that is not bad is good. But what is good? What is good in our faith and within the world we live in? 

I would say, that in the shortest form doing good in our faith is simply following Christ in our lives. It can be summed up in that one sentence. We pray, we go to mass, we help others, avoiding sins,reading the bible regularly, following the Ten Commandments and keeping true to Gods words. Every time we do an of these we follow God. We chose his will over our will. We choose Good over bad. Christ wants us to follow him. He is desiring  that we pick up our cross-without shame- and follow him. 

Sadly, the world makes a big deal when someone does good because it has now become less of the norm and more of the unsuspected. Yes, I guess it's okay when someone jumps in a rushing river to save a child risking his own life. But, so many people become surprised when you offer to help or do something to help them-well for me that is. 

     When we work to do good we build our connection with God and we build up peace. How do we build peace? We build peace because once everyone starts doing good-being that not asking person that jumps in- it builds peace slowly but truly. 

     All that do good, can be saved by the love and spirit of God. All of strive to follow God can and will be saved. For we are stained by Christs blood and we are saved by following and receiving Christ.Jesus s wanting us to do good all the time! He waits for us to answer our call of greatness-to follow Christ.



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