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Sunday Readings

This weekend we receive the Spirit of God through the word of God. We draw the Easter Season  to a close! The Light of Easter burns out, and we move into Ordinary time. It is time, for us to gather, to celebrate the Wonderful Feast of Pentecost. 

Just so everyone knows, because there are many option for this weekends readings, The Second reading will be from Romans 8: 8-17 and the Gospel will be John 20: 19-23.

We are sent. We are sent into the world with the Holy Spirit. We are told in today's First Reading, when the disciples and some women receive the Holy Spirit in a Gust of Wind. They then can speak in different languages to preach. They are filled with the Passion to preach. 

And so we need the Fire. To get the boost to do what God wants. All our fires are kept to a minimum because of the Society we live in. We can't even say, "Merry Christmas" in the time of Christmas because it may offend certain people. So with these rules, our fires are kept to little flame. 

We should live like the apostles. They did not care of what the rules were, they went and preached the Gospel. They shared it to the point of death. They had the fire, and were not letting the authorities put it out. 

We do not live of this flesh. We serve God, and we must Love God and everyone around us to receive full the Holy Spirit. The Second reading this weekend reminds me of  when Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. "I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of this world" We are called to share Gods word, which was passed down from Jesus, to his disciples, to many generations. Now we are the next Generation to serve to share and to Love as God did.

Jesus will and has come among us bringing us peace, in our days, months and years. With our interactions with people to the prayer we say at night. Even if we may close our doors, and keep the flame on very low, Jesus will still come in and let his presences be known. 

The Flame of Easter is now put out, but that doesn't me our flame should be. With the help of the Holy Spirit we must look beyond the rules and share the Gospel. Though we are not of this world, and we should not live within the flesh but live in the Spirit we are called to serve God with our flesh and spirit. 



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