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Pray For Fridays

During the month of April, I started a new page of Prayer Requests!!! I was SOOO Happy to open it up and have everyone offer their Prayer Requests! I thought it was kind of appropriate for a prayer blog to have a Prayer Request page.

I have had a good response for the first Month of April. I got quite a few emails from people! I was so happy, that now I was able to help make a difference, in a small but powerful way!

I am now going to start something new. Every  Second Friday I am going to post a post asking for you guys to pray for the past two weeks prayers. I will list all the intentions, and I will have written a little prayer to go along with it!

With these posts I hope that you will pray for these people and ask that God may be with them and hear their prayer. For when we all pray, and ask for something, GOD WILL LISTEN! God will hear!

My challenge to you: Come back every 2 Friday and Pray for those mentioned in the post!!!

Please Pray for these peoples needs:

  • For Those looking and hoping for a New Job
  • For those who need strength in Faith
  • For those whom need Gods Love
  • For all Christian Bloggers, That they may be filled with the Holy Spirit to continue to preach Gods Word
  • For the Church, that it may be protected from all evil.
  • For all those undergoing surgery 

Father Almighty God,
You hear the cry of all your children, 
I pray that, by the help of your mercy,
You may be with these people whom need your help. 

I pray that by your saving hand, 
their cry may be heard and answered. 
I ask that you, whom are gracious,
may be with everyone, and their needs be brought to you!


If at any time you need a prayer request said, Please Leave a comment either on the latest Pray for Fridays Posts or on the Prayer Request  Page. Also you may email me at:

God Bless,


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I hope you enjoyed the Post, and enjoyed the Blog. If you have something you want to say, you are invited to leave a comment below! I love reading all the comment!


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