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Not Seen Yet Believe

Jesus told him, 'Because you have seen me, you have believed; 
blessed are those whom have not seen and yet have believed'

John 20:29

Ready on Christmas Eve, A child, waiting for it's gift. Guessing whats going to be inside each gift. Then finally someone tells them, and the child takes a gasp, takes a moment to realize that it is indeed is in there and continues on. Believing that inside that gift is indeed what they were just told. 

I think it is a common thing for most children to believe that Chocolate milk comes from White and brown cows, and white milk comes from white and black cows. They come to think it's true  because in their head it makes since. But they 'know it' without ever seeing a brown cow produce chocolate milk. 

Thomas however, does the exact opposite. He refuses to believe. He NEEDS to physically open the present to believe the person. He physically needs to milk a brown cow to believe it produces chocolate milk. He was to stubborn to believe what others are saying, regardless if they are saying the truth. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have faith like a child? Being able to believe without question. Just believing and not questioning. Just coming to understand that yes they are telling the truth. Just believing. Not to request to see the cow, or to open the present. Just believe.

Jesus wants us to believe without seeing. For we, the believers today, are the ones whom have not seen yet believe. Before Jesus went to die, he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed for you and me. He prayer that, "We may be one' with God. But to be with one with God we must believe... We shouldn't request a sign, we shouldn't have to beg God for this or that. We are called to be ONE with God. And To be one with God means we believe.

Like a child believes brown cows make chocolate milk, so we must also believe in Jesus. Our Faith will indeed bring us to life with him. If we believe we are destined for true happiness. God is our almighty creator. He wants our praise, our believe in without the requirement of a sign.


This post is dedicated to my friend Joseph


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