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Five Minute Friday- Comfort

Linking up and doing the Five Minute Friday challenge


I think the word it's self just brings, peace, calmness and security once we hear it. It's such a great joy to experience a parents comfort. When we are lost, angry, upset, disappointed or sad it's always good to have a person there to comfort you.

God does the exact thing for us.
Five Minute Friday
He is the loving parent that offers us comfort. He is always there to listen to us, and let us speak at any time during the day. He waits for us to open up and come to him.

When God, sees that we need comfort because we are sad, in pain, or going through struggles, he will send special people or make things happen to make sure that we are at comfort. He wants us to be at ease with our selves and with everyone around us.

God wants to comfort us.

We just have to open up and let him.

He is there! Ready to listen. The BEST Teacher, Councilor, brother, father and SO MUCH MORE.


It was awesome to do this again! I'm starting everything up again next week with NEW Thursday Think About, Five Min Friday, Sunday posts, and Much more!

If you would like to guest post please send me an email at: praytogodtoday at gmail dot com


  1. Hi Mike,

    It's a comfort to know He's always there to comfort us. No matter what. Popping in from FMF--we're neighbors. It's good to "meet you." :)


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