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April A-Z Challenge-Reflection

End is indeed for Reflection

This challenge was certainly something unique! And I defiantly like something that is unique!

I was happy I actually finished this year. I had more or less a plan this year. I was going to keep it Short and Simple and I was defiantly going to schedule posts a head. Which both worked out has planned. Yes there was a few nights I stood up a little longer to make sure they were written, regardless it was finished

It was one March afternoon, and I was wandering the Web. Then I thought I would do my unofficially random but yet some how convent stop at the April A-Z website. When I clicked their page on Google  the first thing I saw, when there page loaded was the sigh up list! And it was new to! I said to my self," OMG I forgot about the challenge!!!" Then I made my self sign up without a plan or anything.

When I signed up I was number 30 on the list. That number turned to 28 and I have rested there ever since. I was happy to be one of the first 50. The most people see those ones ;) I was 2/3 down it last year. Then  I made my plan, and started to write the posts...

I liked this challenge because it forced me to make sure all these posts were up regardless of how busy I was. It was my goal not to write a sorry it's late post. But sadly it had to happen cause I got sick. (I'm still not 100% but I am getting there)

I think Q and X were the two hardest letters for me. Plus not repeating words. That also was hard for me. I actually learned a thing or two my self. Q and X I think are the hardest for everybody. Q is just an awkward letter I feel sorry for it and X is.... well X.

Overall this challenge was a great success! Welcome to my new 20 brand new followers! Thank You to everyone who stopped and read my posts, who commented and THANK YOU to my new 5000+ viewers!

Below is a list of all the posts if you didn't get a chance to read them or if you just want to read them again!

Have a blessed Week! 



  1. Congratulations on finishing A to Z! Visiting, Following & Inviting you to my blog. Looking forward to 2014

  2. Congratulations on the completion of the Challenge also a good reflection post,



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