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T is For Time

T is indeed for Time.

At least once in our lives we all used the expression "There isn't enough time in the day to get things done" Well you would be right! Cause it actually takes the earth 23 hours and 56 minutes to make a full rotation and not 24 hours. They say in about 50 years or so, it will take the earth 27 hours to make a full rotation.

Don't we all love it when everything we want happens when we want it to? Of course we do. Everything goes according to plan, and thats the dream for everyone that rarely happens. Everything happening when it should is just the most wonderful thing we can imagine of... isn't it?

God's timing is really weird isn't it? As weird as it may seem to us, it all works out perfectly at the end.  God answers our prayers. Well he knows our prayers before we speak them, but he answers them when he knows the time is right. It could be today, tomorrow, next month, or next year. Gods timing is always the best timing.

So then, why do we get mad at God when he answers our prayer but at a different time? Why do we get mad at him for answering our prayer?

God answered our prayer! He listened to us, he heard the cry of his children. He heard and answered the conversation, and we are going to get mad because of that? God works in magical ways. At the end we see the benefits of his timing, but if we don't like it then we get mad at God because his timing didn't match ours.

It doesn't need to. For if we, who claim to be followers of Christ the Lord, truly believe in Christ the Lord we would give him glory and praise for his timing. For everything he does his for the Good of us. He looks out for us. He cares for us! And so he does things and works things when the time is right..

God works wondrously! He is the fountain of Life and so we should Thank him once and a while for all his timing he does in our lives. To teach us, to love us, to care for us!

God doesn't have a time limit of 24 hours or 27 hours. HE never stops...



  1. Hi Mike,
    Gods timing can sometimes really stretch us. When He does not answer according to our plan or time table. I would agree with you that we see the benefits of God's timing in the end.

    Hey thanks for becoming one of my followers.

    Blessings,Margot at A Devotional Mosaic and Spark My Creativity


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