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Sunday- Readings and Break

I do realize today is suppose to be my break. But I am just use to blogging everyday already I haev to say a few words on this past week, The week to come, and this weekend's readings, to all of those who like reading those posts!

This past week was an adventure for sure! I enjoyed doing these posts. Some of them this past week were short, but got longer and more informational. I hope you learned something. God works in mysterious ways! This challenge, is a great way, that I feel God works through me! How? He calls me to write on a certain word. A-F DONE! I hope you enjoyed this past week! (Thanks for all the Comments and WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS!)

This coming week, you might need a little more time to read. Theses posts are little longer. It's pretty sad how it's the second week in and I broke my rule. I was going to K.I.S.S (Keep It Short and Simple) But some of these posts just went on Longer! I hope they will be posts that you like, and that you learn something from! Please continue to comment if you Like!

This weekend Gospel is certainly in my top 10 Favorite. Jesus appears to his disciples again. A week later he appears to them, to break the doubt, and disputing among them. I do feel sorry for Thomas, having had put the title 'Doubting Thomas' on him. All though it describes him, no one really deserves a title, like that... or anything bad.

Jesus goes and first says, "Peace be with you" and tells them to receive the Holy Spirit. God our almighty creator, sent his Son, and so his Son sends us. Sends us with receiving the Holy Spirit to go and proclaim the Word; The Good News.

A week later, Jesus came again. He did not want to lose another disciple that he picked. Jesus came and said, "Peace be with you" and goes directly to Thomas. Stop you doubting and believe!!! So then Jesus invites him to put his fingers in his wounds, and to believe!!! Jesus wanted all doubting to stop then and there.

My 2 favorite lines come next. " My Lord And My God" and "Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe" JESUS WAS TALKING ABOUT US!!!! We have not seen Jesus, we really have no proof he's there besides the bible, but we have FAITH and we Believe. That's what Jesus was saying. Blessed are those who have not seen but yet believe.

We are called to have Faith in God! and God wants that faith to grow through Christ. We can grow this faith by partaking in the Eucharist every Sunday, and by reading the Holy Bible daily. When our faith is grown, we will be a full disciple worshiping Christ saying, " MY LORD AND MY GOD"

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Have a wonderful Sunday,
God Bless



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