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R is for Rest

R is indeed for Rest

I like to rest for sure! Usually resting for me, is sitting in front of the TV eating ice cream while watching one of two things: EWTN or The Big Bang Theory. Thinking about nothing, not doing anything except eating ice cream and watching tv.

When we pray however, we also need to rest. We certainly need a rest in prayer. Not a rest from praying, but rest while we pray. Asking God, and Thanking him isn't enough! We also have to REST. We are often to caught up in asking God for something that we forget to rest in his loving arms.

God's arms are always open. His arms are there to comfort us, there to love us, they are there to love us, they are there to help us in everything we do. God is always wanting us to come to him and rest... Forgetting about everything else, and know that God will take care of it. Knowing that everything will be okay.

Rest in God! Rest in his almighty arms! He is there waiting with open hands! Waiting for us to rest, and to finally realize that everything will be okay! God is in control! Our lives are great!

His arms are the arms of a loving parent

His arms are the arms of a friends Hug

Rest in his arms of love and forgiveness!



  1. Thank you for the reminder...

  2. Praying or talking to God envelopes me in serene peace all the time..

  3. I was looking online for a picture of Jesus that would describe my most recent blog post the best and I happened to click on the picture you chose for your blog, and haha we wrote similar things, so weird and cool. But I subscribed to your blog and I like your posts. (I hope you dont mind if I use the picture) have a great evening! -theexplorercamp


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