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Pray For Boston

Father of all Greatness,
You fill the earth with all things
Things we like and Things we don't.

Please be with those in Boston. 
Please send your comfort among those who lost a family member, 
Healing on those who are hurt, 
and Peace among all those gathered there today. 

Blessed Redeemer, 
please be with the people of Boston,
That, they may be there for one another
And let peace reside in their presences.

Fountain of all Holiness, 
Send our your Spirit of Safety 
among the earth.
So that all who think of doing bad things
may turn from their ways,
and may think of public safety. 

Lord Jesus,
We ask that you hear our prayer,
that you may be with the people 
of Boston
through this rough time!



  1. Good morning,
    I stand with you in your prayer. Your words are beautifully said and have touched my heart.

    Pat Garcia

    1. Thanks So Much! God works through me to write my prayers!


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