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P is for Pray

P is indeed for Pray

A while back in November I taught a three 1 hour classes about prayer to my grade twos. They did enjoy those lessons...  I hope. And I of course, had fun teaching it, and planning it out. And the simplest way I put prayer was: Talking To God.

Every class from then on,  I would show the importance of what prayer is... I would review with them, to make sure they know what prayer is. It is simply that: Talking to God. It's like talking to our best friend. Saying everything we know, and sharing our problems, joys, and successes.

While teaching those classes I drew attention to how a conversation goes. Well, everyone knows that right? Wrong! When it comes to prayer, we forget everything about a conversation. We usually spend our prayer, asking God for things, and thanking him. But what about God? Doesn't he get a turn in the conversation? He wants his chance to respond to everything that we have said. 

Like a Best Friend.

Like an Encouraging Parent.

Have you ever been in a conversation where the other person just doesn't let you speak... And they just go on and on and you don't get to say a word? Well thats how God feels every time we don't make time for him to speak to us! 

Don't always think, prayer is this big thing that we must always say certain things at certain times. It doesn't matter how we pray, It's how often do we pray. I don't judge a prayer... If it's good or bad... Al;l prayers is everyone's individual piece of Art from the heart. 

As long as your prayer comes from the heart, and you allow God to speak to you, You are praying. You are having a TRUE conversation with God! Christ wants to know whats going on, and when you tell him everything truthfully then all your problems will be answered! 

May God Hear Our Prayers!

Pray For Texas!

Father of Heaven and Earth
Let Your Name Be honored.

Bring those people who have died
in the Waco Texas Explosion 
peacefully and Welcomely into your kingdom!
Accept them O father!

Father, Let your spirit of
and the Spirit of calmness be upon all those
in Waco Texas

Father Please be with them, as they take steps to 
figure out what happened. 
Father have mercy, 
Hear Our Prayers
And All Prayers around the world!


P.S You may or May Not Have noticed
but there is a new page! It is named 
Prayer Requests! If you have a Prayer Request
for a family member friend, your self, or an event
that happened please send me an email, or leave 
it in the comments on that page!


  1. Prayer in a powerful tool in a dark world. Thanks for the reminder. blog with similar content ;)

  2. When I taught religious ed. I also did the same. It's a wonderful concept to teach children that God is their best friend, and is forever there to listen to them. Each week, anyone who wanted a pray used to write it on the black board, anything at all was acceptable. They loved that! We'd gather round and hold hands, which at first was testy with boys and girls, but it finally worked, or just sit in a circle, and we'd talk, just talk to God for the prayers written on the blackboard.

  3. Art from the Heart...I like that, and must remember that. Glad your experience was such a positive one. Yes, prayers for those in Texas. So much sadness. I've not read the update yet today, need to. Sometimes I have to pick when I'm up to reading more sadness.



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