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O is for Open

O is indeed for Open

An open door is much better than a closed one, that is for sure.

Jesus told us that if we knock the door will be opened for us. Jesus never closes the door on any of his adopted Children. At our baptism, while the water is poured onto our heads, or as the water touches our body, the door is opened for us.

Jesus loves us so much his door is always wide open for us. Whenever we need, during good times, or during bad times, Jesus is there holding the door open, and welcoming us to him. He is waiting for us, during any time to come into the door.

But what about the times when we shut the door on Jesus?

The Door to our Heart

Why is it so easy for us to close the door on Jesus, but so easy for him to have it open for us? We will often lose Faith, question if he is there, and wonder if he cares. Well Jesus does care. Jesus is always there. When we lose faith, that's when we shut the door on him. When we close him from our heart, we cannot be who we are. We need to open our door to God. To let him nourish and work through us.

God is knocking at your door... Will you answer?



  1. Yes, always willing to answer for the Lord.

  2. This got me thinking. when GOD comes knocking at my door.. will I answer. Ofcourse I will. Although i am yet to decide on a speech I will give. What will I say ? For that I have to do some good deeds :) Happy to connect. Do visit I am following you via #AtoZChallenge


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