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L is for Life

L is indeed for Life

Isn't life a wonderful thing. Life is a wonderful gift given from heaven above. Life is amazing. The ability for us to be able to talk, share in Joy and sorrow, To live the happy and sad, to breath in and out it all a wonderful gift from God.

God gave us this wonderful thing to live. He gave us some ups and downs, cause without them we wouldn't be living.... (Get it?) God gave us these different challenges to face, to simply test our Faith and Trust in him. I have always liked the image of you walking down a tunnel. You started at one end, and working to the other, and on the way, there are things you have to get over to continue your path... 

God gave us the breath of life so that we might live. He breathed into our lungs life. He gave us this precious and most valuable thing called life. And in our life we are to grow. We are to grow in the Love, Faith and Trust of and in God. 

Though we may experience hardships on the way, God's fountain of Mercy never runs Out. He is there to forgive us, and to help us on the way. For all these things form us to be the person God intended us to be. I hate it when one person  says how another person has it easier than they do or they don't have as many struggles. Everyone has their own struggles. Whether it's noticeable or not. Nobody doesn't have struggles. WE all go through them. But we all experience them differently to learn different lessons. 

So why should we judge? 

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's learning to dance in the rain.

~ Unknown 



  1. I praise God daily for my life. Even when things aren't going so well, things have been good enough to have make my life worth living and to continue to live. Praise God!

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. Indeed we all should! God gave us this wonderful thing called life to prove our selves!


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