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J is for Jospeh

J is indeed for Joseph

The Joseph I will be talking about today is the Foster Father of Jesus. The GREAT Carpenter who on earth was (hopefully) there for Jesus. Yes, Joseph, the one whose death went unheard of... same has most of his life.

Everything known about Joseph is found in a few short stories in the bible. He is only in the beginning chapters of Matthew and Luke. He is also mentioned by the pharisees in the Gospel John. Even whats known about Joseph in Matthew and Luke sometimes contradicts it's self. So then the question comes... Does he really exists
Now I want to make it clear, In this post I'm not going to be trying to solve if he existed or not. I will just be supply facts on this wonderful man, stating things about him, and asking questions along the way. 

Joseph appears in Matthew and Luke. Two totally different people. Matthew, an original follower, writing for Jewish-Christians and Luke a second Generation of Followers writing to Theophilus (God Lovers) Matthew stated that Joseph was already in Bethlehem, and Luke says he traveled there with Mary. The same story, two different views on it. 

Joseph always listened, never talked back to God. We are never told of his faith besides this. He had strong Faith in the angel that appeared to him. He openly took that position of being the foster Father of Jesus, without any doubt... Just like Mary.

Joseph is a protector. That was what God called him to do. He wan't Joseph to protect Mary while Jesus was in her womb, and protect the boy Jesus and Mary on there travels. He was there in place of God. God gave Joseph 4 dreams. And all these dreams were telling him to Protect.

Joseph Protected Mary- From: Shame, Anxiety, Being stoned

Joseph Protected Jesus and Mary as they Traveled- To Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazereth

Joseph Protected The Child in the Temple- When Jesus was presented.

So obviously Joseph was their to help protect Mary and Jesus. He is a great example of being protective. Joseph as mentioned above had strong Faith (as we know) And he never talked. Nothing to quote from him. He his the 'Silent Man.' After the presentation in the temple we hear nothing of Joseph. Why? Because scholars have said that it was because he had died before Jesus began his public Ministry. 

So with knowing the greatness, and protection of Joseph, why wasn't he mentioned in the other two Gospels?  

Well, Mark was the First one written. Knowing that at least half of his Gospel is made up of Christs last week on earth, probably means  he thought it wasn't important to tell about his history. Mark was proclaiming, the Death and Resurrection to people. He was saying this to give hope to those Gentiles whom, were getting persecuted. 

John's opening, replaces the nativity (has stated in a previous post)  and John being different from all the other Gospels, doesn't include Joseph. John, was the last to be written and knowing what the others had already written wrote something new and refreshing, and didn't think it was so necessarily important to include Joseph.

But things like that, keep people like me, wrapped in a deep mystery with a thinking mind that never stops. Joseph is a neat and wonderful guy. I wish their would have been more information for us. Joseph is one of those people who's story will remain a secret...forever



  1. I garner a special devotion to Saint Joseph. I beseech him constantly to help my family and lead us in the direction to his foster son, Jesus.

    1. Saint Joseph is a WONDERFUL Saint. Although we know little about him, he is still a great example to live by!

  2. What a great post! I think we often kind of cast Joseph aside--easy to do, because so much thought is always given to Mary. But as you said, what a great example he was of a loving father and husband, and of a man who trusted in God and protected his family. I love your theme for the Challenge! I'm talking a lot about faith and God's love for us on my blog, as well. I'd be honored if you stopped by. :)

    Jaimie at Living in the Light
    A to Z Ambassador

    1. It is very easy to cast him aside. He is not mentioned much, so then we lose focus on him. But he is such an important and unique character.


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