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H is for Happiness

H is indeed for Happiness

Don't we all like to be happy?

Of course we do! Everyone would rather be happy than sad, joyful instead of sorrowful. I always like recalling happy moments when things are down, and thinking of the wonderful things God does for us each and everyday. God makes us happy by doing certain things daily in our lives... Do you notice them?

Jesus often LOVED ruining peoples moods.... Of sadness. Jesus liked making people happy. He acknowledges there pain, sorrowfulness but then he makes them happy. He wants to prove that if they believed they will experience true happiness. Multiple times Jesus demolishes sadness like: When Lazarus died. Jesus told Martha that if she believes in the Resurrection and life that Lazarus will rise again. Jesus also tells his disciples at the last supper that he will die. They became sad but he told them " Very truly I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy." 

Jesus promised that he will resurrect on the third day. The temple would be destroyed and he will build it in three days.  Jesus died for us all, and so he destroyed our pain and suffering by coming to life. Christ destroys our sadness daily. Someday we may be blinded or refuse to see that, and other days we are on the ball to see all of them. 

While Jesus was on earth he taught us what true happiness is, and how to achieve it. No it's not through materialized items. But it is through having Faith in God and listening to his Word. Jesus gave us the 8 beatitudes (Some may argue 9 like me) He gave us 8 (9) ways of how to be truly happy.

Next time you pray, be happy in the Lord, With the Lord and for The Lord!



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