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G is For Gospel

G is indeed for Gospel.

I'm pretty sure this may have surprised a few of you, as my theme being, "God" you might have thought my G word would be God. But no, I want to talk about Gods Son: Jesus. I want to go through each Gospel and explain things. Why it was written, when was it written, who was it written for, and a little about each of the 4 Saints.

I was teaching about the 4 Gospels one week when I was teaching, and there was this cool little rhyme the other teacher had come up with to help the kids remember each of the four Gospels: Matthew Mark Luke and John, hold the horse till I get on.

I liked it. And I'm pretty sure most kids liked it as well.


Written around 85 AD The Gospel of Matthew is a beautiful painting that continues throughout the whole gospel. The writer (most likely Saint Matthew) was indeed a Jewish-Christian who wrote for other Jewish-Christians. He focused on how Jesus was the Messiah promised from generations to generations. The beautiful writer of the Gospel of Matthew, fits Jesus into the king who was promised, but also focuses on: arguing with the pharisees, Expanding on the teachings of the Pharisees, and try's to prove he was the one promised. (The one like David) The Gospel of Matthew really focuses on sharing the Good News, sharing the words of Jesus. This becomes obvious because he finishes his Gospel by saying: Go to all nations and make disciples


Written between 65-70 AD Marks Gospel was the first one written. Mark, a second-generation Christian, has the shortest recording of Jesus life, but is very meaningful and speaks a lot to the people whom he was talking to. The writer was writing to a Gentile area. They were being persecuted because of their Faith, and so Mark wrote this to remind them to have total trust in God, just like Jesus did. The Gospel of Mark answers (tries to explain) two questions: 1 Who was Jesus the Christ? 2 What does it mean to be his disciple? The Gospel of Mark answers the first question by focusing on stories of Jesus' healing's and his love for the suffering people. He answers the second question by showing that Jesus called his disciples and how they reacted in certain situations. He also shoed how their Faith grew, some quicker than others.


Written between 80-90 AD the Gospel of Luke is a Master piece for sure. The writer Luke was a Gentile-Christian writing for Theophilus (Which means Lovers of God) SO it was basically written for all people who believed.Luke presents Jesus has the healer of all divisions. In the time of Jesus, their were many divisions, between, woman, sick, poor, rich and sinners. But The Gospel of Luke focuses on how Jesus healed these divisions by proving how in the heavenly kingdom it doesn't matter if your a sinner, woman, rich, sick, poor. Jesus showed that everyone is welcomed into the kingdom.Jesus is presented in several ways: He is very compassionate, he cares for the poor and women. Luke adds several stories of Jesus and women. ( Mary visits Elizabeth, and the women going to the tomb)   Luke was the one to whom this gospel was supposedly written by. Then he continues his beautiful poetry into the Acts of The apostles


Written around 90-100 AD Johns Gospel differs from all the others in many ways. In Johns Gospel, it looks more on the positive and the good things, whereas the others are more dark and depressing (not saying though the others don't have happiness as well) As we all know the Gospel begins with a wonderful poetry of how God was the Word, and the Word was already there. None of the other gospels have this beautiful opening. Although Johns Gospel doesn't have anything about Jesus birth the Word was God is the 'make up' for that. John  (the beloved disciple) is obviously a good poet. He knew how to write. The Gospel of John focuses more on the relationship between Jesus and The Father and the Relationship between us and Jesus. In the Gospel of John Jesus doesn't teach with parables instead he preforms seven miraculous signs and teachings in long discourses. Jesus is often said saying, " I am" That is a wonderful image that appears often in his gospel. Jesus often appears as the Lamb of God, and the Christ. Johns Gospel focuses on the Holy Spirit whereas the other gospels hardly speak of the holy spirit.

WOW thats a lot of information! I hope you learned something! I know I did while putting this post together! Thanks for all the Sweet, kind and Friendly comments so far! Today we start the second week! I Love this challenge and everything that's part of it! Thank you for Visiting, and please leave a comment if you wish!


PS: Check out my Saint Michael Page to
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  1. Hi Mike,

    I am pleased to meet you. Your blog is the first Catholic blog I've visited from the A-Z challenge list! I'm a Catholic blogger too.

    I see you want to be a priest. I enjoyed reading your 'about me' page. I ignored the Don't Click Here' page as I've been caught out with such pages before!

    Great posts.

    God bless!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by! The Don't Click Here Page is nothing bad, Trust me i wouldn't put anything Bad!

  2. Very informative post. Thank you. Have a blessed day! ~~Emmly Jane

  3. Lots of information in this post and I really like the font and layout of your blog. Best wishes as you move into your calling.
    Visiting from #AtoZChallenge



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