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F is for Faith

F is indeed for Faith

Faith changes everything.

Faith is the belief in what you don't see. We have Faith in God. We do not see him, and yet we believe he is their. We believe that God will be their, and help us when we need. We believe their is a God and that God came to earth.

TO have faith that means we have to know something is there. To know that the unseen is their. WE have to know that person! We have to seek to know God, to have Faith in God. It isn't knowing about God but knowing who he is.

Well knowing about him, would ruin the secret of the Lord and his plan. Knowing  about God, wouldn't be right. It would be like naming God. It would mean we have power over God, so we don't have a name for him, just God. (But such a powerful name too)

But wait, having Faith and Knowing him means we have to trust him also right?

Indeed It Does!

We must trust God! Trusting in him is essential to our Faith. For without trust, we can not know Faith and without Faith we cannot know trust. And without either we can not know God. God is the one whom we place our trust. We trust that he will be their, we trust that we will look after us. Why? Because we know that he will, by our knowledge of knowing him through Faith.

It's a big circle of Faith to knowledge to Trust back to Faith. But this knowledge isn't the type we have from school, it's from praying and having Faith in God. But how can I have knowledge? If I don't  pray?  Well it's the Faith that we have. The Faith that he will supply for us.

The Faith we have in God isn't the 'Believing that' but 'believing in' For example I can believe that  their is life on another planet. Whereas I can believe in God the Father almighty.

Just like during the Apostles Creed, we profess we Believe IN God and not believe THAT. But we believe in life eternal. The Apostles Creed is Our Faith wrapped up into one prayer.

Thus leaving Faith to being: Having knowledge to trust in what we do not see. 

So In a nut shell, Having Faith is to know God, not knowing about him, but know who he is. This leading into having Trust in God that he will take care of us. Leading us back to having Faith, that God the one whom we know will take care of us; will catch us when we fall.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. My faith in God is strong!

    1. Thanks For Stopping By and Reading!

  2. A great explanation of faith and tribute to God. Thanks!

    I hope this link comes out right. Writer’s Mark


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